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Your True Tales
July 2003
Page 5

The Vampire Woman
by Lara

One night when I was a child, approximately 6-9 years old, I was sick with a very high temperature. I was already in bed and I remember my mom sleeping in the bed next to me. She was asleep, I was still awake. I remember lying there and suddenly seeing a fairly attractive grown up woman, dressed in black with long black hair standing on my right-hand side looking at me grinning in an evil sort of way. The weird thing apart from the fact that there was a strange woman in our house in the middle of the night who seemed to appear out of nowhere was that she had vampire teeth. I was terrified, of course and tried to wake my mom. I shook her shoulder saying, "Mom, there's a vampire in the room." She moaned something like, "No, there isn't. Go to sleep" and fell back asleep. 

The only thing I could do was shut my eyes and hide under the covers. I remember holding my mom around her waist very tightly and hoping the vampire woman wasn't going to take me away. I don't remember if I looked again or just fell asleep. Many years later when I remembered this event, I never thought it could have been real. I'd always thought it was due to my temperature - "just a hallucination." 

I am now 24 years old. Not so long ago, maybe a year ago, I was visiting my friends (I had moved to a near by town) from the village where I lived the first 19 years of my life. We were outside, sitting on a bench beneath a tree, talking, having a good time. An ex-neighbor of mine came by on her rollerblades and stopped to chat with me since we hadn't seen each other in a while. I don't remember what the topic was before she came, but later we began talking about ghosts, etc, occurrences that have always fascinated me. Ana (the neighbor) started telling us about a woman she once saw in her bedroom. When she started describing her, I felt goosebumps on my skin. I asked her, "Was she dressed in black? Did she have long black hair? Did she have vampire teeth?" She looked at me in surprise and said yes. By that time I was in total shock and told her in a high-pitched voice that we had seen the same woman! We couldn't figure out if it happened because we were both sick at the time or if we really saw her. 

What I find very strange is that she used to be my next-door neighbor, her house standing only 20 meters away from mine. When I heard her story, the first thing that entered my mind was: We both saw her because she could move easily from one house to another. I was going to walk back to my town that evening, down a hill where no lights from the village can be seen, across a bridge with a roaring Alpine river underneath it (you couldn't hear an army of zombies while you're on that bridge, the water is so loud), past a dark forest and a cemetery from the First World War, etc. You can imagine how relieved I was when another friend offered me a ride home.

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