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Your True Tales
July 2004
Page 3

Shadow Squirrel Guardian
by Tony

This all started one night at about 10. I was out shooting my BB gun that I just got when one of my friends came by with a sling shot. We got this "great idea" to shoot at this squirrel that had been making noises at us for a long time. So after chasing it into the woods, shooting at it the whole time, my parents called me in saying it was bed time and I had to go to sleep.

My friend went home. I went inside and fell asleep on my bed, which at the time was a couch pushed up against the wall. After many nice cool dreams, I woke up to some one shaking me, but when I opened my eyes, I was being held by the throat, and my feet weren't even touching my bed.

As I looked at the arm that was holding me and really focused on it, I noticed that it was black like a shadow and led up to a shadowy figure. After me staring at it, and apparently it staring at me, it tilted its head and let out some noise that sounded like thunder and a violin being played by someone who's never touched one before. This puzzled me for a bit because it had no mouth, no nose, its eyes looked like dark blue marbles, and the top of its head looked like it had a crown upon it – a crown of horns.

After a bit of this noise, it stopped and tilted its head, shook me again, then pulled its left hand out which was holding a dead squirrel by the tail. There was more rumbling and screeching, then it shook me and I all of a sudden fell to my bed bumping my head on the arm of it.

After a bit of looking around and not seeing this creature again, I fell back to sleep. When I woke up, I did my chores as usual, cleaned dishes, fed dogs, cleaned house. When I was done, my dad told me to go outside to clean the lawn off so he could mow it. I knew I was going to mow it. As I went out the front door, my foot hit something that was stiff. When I looked down, I saw a dead squirrel on the porch.

This changed me a lot. I knew there were other things out there, but I had never seen such a thing as this. But it makes me think. Was it a good thing to get on the bad side of such a creature?

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