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Your True Tales
July 2005
Page 12

Trickster Demon
by Cat

I am from Ontario and about four years ago I was attacked by something while trying to sleep.

It began one night when I had just fallen asleep on the couch in our TV room and was suddenly jolted awake because I felt someone beside me on the couch. (This may sound weird, but the only way I can describe it is that it almost felt like this man quickly slithered up beside me and put his arm tighly around me.) I was facing in toward the couch and my back was facing outward, and I could feel him holding me from behind. Then he whispered in a dominant, almost sexual voice, "Are you looking all over my back?" as if he wanted me to notice something on/about him? Then he was gone. (I still have no idea what that meant as I did not get a chance to see him.)

When I slept in my bedroom in the basement, I could feel a strong presence. I would be alerted as to when he would come because I could always hear this distinct, odd, out-of-place mechanical noise off in the distance that grew louder and stronger in frequency. Just a few minutes after I would fall asleep, I would suddenly awake absolutely terrified and would feel this enormous pressure on my chest. I couldn't scream or move. It actually felt like this thing was literally pulling something out of me, and my stomach would churn like I was on a roller coaster. I would awake drained, as if this thing had taken my energy.

Probably the most terrifying thing were the noises and words that accompanied these episodes. Along with the churning stomach would be a wind tunnel sound. One night, his departure was accompanied by the sound the bathtub makes when you pull the plug and the water swirls away. The next night he spoke in first person, telling me his name as he was telling me that he was very hungry!

After two weeks of repeated attacks, I became furious for this intrusion. At the next encounter, in a furious state I screamed in my mind to this thing that it was no longer welcome. I thought how to plot to get rid of this thing and began quietly asking others for their advice.

He came back one last night and changed his voice to that of a little girl and asked, "Why are you hurting me?" (Why would he try to trick me like that?)

I have now learned that if you are mad enough at a spirit you can make it leave by making it no longer welcome in your home. I was furious that it would change it voice like that to try to manipulate me and was worried about the rest of my family. I never saw him after that but sometimes still wonder who he was and pray that he will never come back.

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