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Your True Tales
July 2005
Page 29

Apology from Beyond
by Christine Helman

My daughter and I are very sensitive. I have always been extremely intuitive, dreamed dreams that would come true, and just “knew” things or had strong premonitions. Until my daughter came along and began to show signs of being psychically sensitive at a young age, i.e., seeing and hearing spirits of pets that passed on or the spirit of her best friends grandmother, etc., I did not pay a great deal of attention to the prompting I would experience. My mother has always been very sensitive, seeing images or pictures of events or people. These experiences always frightened her and she has not sought to develop her gift. We’ve come to realize that it runs in the family and that there have been other relatives from my grandparent’s generation who have exhibited these tendencies. When my daughter began to have these types of experiences and related them to me, I began to pay more attention and to be more open to them. Over the last couple of years I have noticed more frequent incidents, such as dreams warning me of relatives in danger with whom I have not seen or talked to in years, or premonitions and flashes of images in mind.

An incident that bears some relevance to the incident of EVP, took place last year. My husband is a Deputy Sheriff for a rural county in California. When working the night shift, he would turn off the ringer on our phones so that he could sleep during the day without being disturbed. Often times, he would forget to turn the ringer back on. One night a couple of years ago, I went to work with him. He was working at dispatch for overtime and I tagged along to keep him company. The kids were in high school, but I would always check in on them. On this particular evening, I tried to call home but was getting no answer. Since we had the only car I knew the kids were home, and deduced that my husband had forgotten to turn the ringer back on. I was a little distressed about not being able to check in with the kids, but there was nothing I could do. Meanwhile, my daughter was sitting at home watching television. My husband began to worry because I was upset about not being able to call home. When he tried to call home the phone rang and rang until finally my daughter picked it up and tenuously answered it. The next day she told me that she was sitting at home watching TV when she felt prompted that her father was trying to call home. Without the phone ringing she picked it up and said, “Hello?” only to have her father on the other end asking if everyone was okay.

When I was nine years old my mother remarried and she and this man had a baby. My stepfather was an abusive alcoholic and sexually molested me. I never told my mother what he had done to me, but being that she has always been psychically sensitive she more than likely had a premonition on which she followed through. When she confronted him, he denied it vehemently, but she kicked him out of the house regardless. He eventually convinced her to allow him to come home, and on the day he was traveling home to move BACK in the house, he was killed in a car accident. Although I was only 10 years old at the time I KNEW that his death had been divine intervention. Had he moved back home his abuse would have escalated to rape; of that there is no doubt in my mind. Over the 35 years that have followed his death, I have always secretly wondered if he when he passed away he was remorseful for what he had done to me. Like all victims, the events of my childhood had a profound affect on me as an adult and the road to my recovery was long and arduous.

One evening about a year and one half ago, my daughter was home alone. Walking through the living room she passed the cordless phone on her way to her bedroom and felt a familiar prompting to pick up the phone. It should be stressed that the phone did not ring before she picked it up. Responding to this prompting, though puzzled by it, she picked up the cordless phone BUT DID NOT press the “Talk” button. As she brought the phone to her ear she heard a loud static coming from the receiver! Inside the static she heard a faint voice. It was a man’s voice and she said he sounded very remorseful. The voice said, “I’m sorry. . . I’m so sorry!” Unnerved, she looked at the phone, unsure of what had just happened. She then pressed the talk button and heard the normal dial tone, then shut the phone off once more and walked away very puzzled as to “who” the voice had belonged to, and what they were sorry about.

I should mention, that although I have discussed my past abuse with my daughter, I never related to her or anyone that I had always wondered whether or not my stepfather was remorseful. When she related the incident to me later that day, I initially felt that it was my stepfather, but as we discussed it we wondered if perhaps it had been my grandfather who had recently passed away, who had also molested my sister and me. It was not until recently when I had a reading done that I came to believe that the voice belonged to my stepfather. The person who did my reading is not a professional. She belongs to a web site of which I am a member called “Home for Psychics” and she offers readings as a way to develop her abilities. The only information I gave her was my first name and my date of birth. We had no prior contact before that. In her reading, which was chillingly accurate, she saw my stepfather, described his injuries during the car accident that took his life, and described his appearance in chilling detail. She also saw my Great-Grandfather who I had visited me in a dream a couple of years ago. I was very puzzled at first about why my stepfather would come through, but as I began to piece together my memories and remembered the incident with the phone, I came to believe that he was answering the question that has followed me for nearly 35 years. "Was he sorry?" If it was his voice on the phone that day, it appears my question has been answered.

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