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Your True Tales
July 2007
- Page 10

Another Fog Space-Time Slip
by Robin

After reading "Time Slip in the Fog" in Your True Tales, June 2007, I felt I had to send in this story. This event did not happen to me, but to a friend's father in the early 1970s. Although my friend's father is now very open about the subject, I won't use his real name. I'll call him Jim.

Jim and his buddy, "John," went on a hunting trip to Tennessee in Jim's pick-up truck. After an uneventful week of hunting, they decided to return to Pennsylvania. The road out of the hunting area was a long, dirt road. It intersected with a two-lane road, which would eventually lead to the main highway. When they got to the end of the dirt road, they turned right onto the two-lane paved road.

Jim noticed a strange gray fog in his rearview and side mirrors. He said that it was as though there was NOTHING behind the truck, just grayness. Ahead of them was a normal-looking day in the mountains. He didn't say anything to John about it for quite a while. Finally, near the turn-off to the main highway, he said to John, "Do you notice anything strange?" John had noticed the greyness behind them, too. Neither could figure out what was going on, and for some reason, they didn't stop to investigate.

Then, as they approached an intersection, they were somehow instantaneously transported back to the end of the dirt road at the hunting preserve, about two hours away. They had not driven in a circle. According to the odometer and the gas gauge, they had only traveled one way. Neither man had been drinking or taking drugs, and they are both very honest, upstanding members of their community. They are in their seventies, now, but still remember the incident very clearly.

This experience sounds very similar to Gene's experience in Canada, and I hope he will see this story. Maybe this has happened to someone else, and maybe one day we will discover what causes these space-time slips.

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