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Your True Tales
July 2007
- Page 27

Mountain Monster
by Armando Ruiz

I suffered one of my most terrific experiences here in Temascalcingo in Mexico State, Mexico. There are many forests and mounts around the city. I was at home alone on a spooky night in 2006 when I saw "it."

I was watching TV and then I heard a strange sound in the in front of the house. I thought something happened out there. I saw a strange, GIANT thing that was hitting a big tree.The thing was ducking to hit the tree! It was about 23 feet tall (I'm not lying!). I don´t know why it was hitting the tree, but it was terrifying. Of course, it wasn't friendly, so I quickly turned of the lights so it wouldn't watch me, but it saw me!

AAAAAHH! It turned toward me. I was very scared and I grabbed my dad's gun. I started pointing at that thing. Because my home is the tallest of the town, I could see that thing's face. It was nasty, but didn't have a nose and had pure red eyes with no whites. Its mouth had VERY SHARP teeth and had blood on them. I shot and that thing screamed. I will never forget that weird sound, but I can't explain it. The thing started running to the forest.

When my parents came with my brother from a party, I explained to them what I saw. They told me about the diamond mount's guardian legend. He was angry with the humans for polluting the world. It made a promise: He will destroy humanity as punishment. Two questions: What if I killed it when it is supposed to protect the nature? Why was it hitting the tree?

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