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Paranormal Story Archives
June 2001
– Page 18

Black-Hooded Apparitions
by Vicki L.

I have had the "Old Hag" experience many times, but one in particular that really stands out in my mind happened to me several years ago. It took place shortly after my daughter was born in November of 1978. We had moved into an old farm house that was creepy to begin with. We had a Doberman pinscher that you ordinarily could not keep out of the house when you opened the door, well when we brought him to the house he would not come in. I had to grab him by his collar and drag him in with him fighting every inch of the way. Right then I should have known the house was going to be different, along with an upstairs room with flies covering the windows just like in a famous horror movie. Visitors who spent the night would always tell us the next day "I am sorry, but your house is creepy." "I felt like someone was watching me all night long!"

The night that I experienced this "old hag syndrome" we had moved our bedroom into the dining room because the stove in the other room had quit and Illinois can some severely cold winters. I awoke sometime during the night being able to see everything in the room, my tiny daughter in her crib at the foot of our bed and my husband sleeping contentedly beside me, but I could not move; I felt a presence beside that was communicating with me. It was strange and I was terrified. The visitor was telling me to come with them. This was strange considering they had no faces, only black hooded robes and darkness where their faces should have been. I was telling them NO, even though I could not speak aloud. I tried to move, to wake my husband; but all I could do was to make strange guttural sounds.

They finally left and went out past the foot of our bed, but they did not disturb my daughter or my husband. I must have fallen asleep or passed out. I awoke very shortly after that still very frightened and the room was freezing. I woke up my husband to tell him what happened. He comforted me went to our bedroom to get another blanket and to check on our daughter. He covered her with one and got back into bed and told me everything was all right, to go back to sleep. When we awoke later in the morning, my husband said, "Honey, remember when I got up to get the blankets? Well, don't be alarmed, but our front door was standing wide open." All I could do was stand there with my mouth wide open feeling the shock spread through my body. I know the door was closed because we checked doors together before we went to bed. Many more strange things happened there, but nothing like that has ever happened to me since then. We later moved and I heard a couple a years ago that the house burned, killing the two young men who lived there.

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