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Paranormal Story Archives
June 2001
– Page 19

Strange Encounter
by Andrew P.

This is a true story. I honestly never used to believe in paranormal stuff until this happened...

Four years ago, after college graduation, three buddies of mine from school moved into a brand new house, way out in the countryside near a farm in North Carolina. There was only one other house on the street, so it was always very quiet, but even when I was the only one in the house I often had an eerie feeling of not being truly alone. Anyway, there were four of us and three bedrooms and I ended up rooming with by best friend, Thad (different name).

One night, about two months after moving in, I woke up freezing. It was summertime and we kept the air conditioning on so I thought maybe it was set too cold. I opened my eyes to get up and reset the thermostat. There, about two inches from my face, peering right into mine was a dark shape - granted, it was dark in the room, but there was still enough outside light to see shapes in the room. The shape resembled a face. I completely froze up, paralyzed and unable to speak. Just laying there on my back watching this dark figure stare at me right in the eyes. Then, after a few seconds, "it" began to slowly back away - though never losing eye contact. First I thought it must be one of my housemates either playing a prank on me or just sleepwalking or something, but I heard David's trademark snoring next door, and Thad and Brian were out of town. A burglar? I continued to just lay there frozen and freaking out as the image, now from a distance totally resembling a human body continued to inch away - still staring at me. Then it slowly began to dissipate until it finally just disappeared on the other side of the room, near the door. I knew it was not a human being. Yet it was so real, and I had NEVER experienced fright from anything like that ever before in my life. I knew it was not a dream. I was very much awake, and I saw clearly it with my own eyes.

I didn't want to sound like a freak at first. I didn't mention the event to anyone for at least two weeks. Finally, I decided to confide in Thad, my best friend and roommate. We were talking about whether we believed in ghosts one day and it felt like the right time to reveal what I experienced and be taken seriously. So I started my story. When I got to the part of the dark image looking me right in the eyes from about two inches away, Thad stopped me. He looked confused and said, "Wait... I already told you about that?"

"About what?" I asked.

He then proceeded to describe "an encounter" he had had a few nights prior. It was word for word, action for action, the EXACT same thing I had witnessed. From the cold room temperature to the dark figure which backed slowly away, never losing eye contact, until it disappeared by the door. That was all I needed to believe, as I had not mentioned my encounter to ANYbody. We both had an encounter with something - and both times, it was the exact same situation.

I have since read all I could about the paranormal to try to rule out some things, but to this day, it does not make sense. It was a new house. So I doubt there was any history that came with it. I checked the construction records to see if perchance anybody had died during the construction of the house, but nobody had died. All I can assume is that the site the house is built on had some kind of history. Thinking back on the event, although I was terrified, I don't believe whatever it was had any evil intentions. It seemed to be extremely curious and surprised (almost as if it was "caught") when I opened my eyes. The event was a one time occurrence for me, and my roommate never again mentioned another encounter. It was almost as if the figure just wanted to check me out, and also to let me know that he had been there too, if only just passing by.

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