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Paranormal Story Archives
June 2001
– Page 22

Mysterious Cat Creature
by Holmes0426

When I was had a summer house in Hessel, Michigan, I saw a very weird animal cross the road and disappear into the woods. I was driving in the car with my mom and my cousin when suddenly, out of nowhere it seemed, a giant cat-like animal trotted across the road. My mom stopped the car, and we sat there in amazement for awhile. When we finally did make it to our house, which was about 1 mile away form the encounter, I told my brother and he assumed that it was probably a mountain lion or something. I wasn't very skeptical about it at first, but know when I think about it harder I think that maybe I did see some kind of weird creature. The animal that I saw looked like a mountain lion, but it was probably 7 or 8 feet longer then a mountain lion, and it was a lot fatter. But the only real evidence that I can come up with that it is a weird animal is that where I lived, it was pretty much just flat land covered up by forest. Not the kind of place you would expect a mountain lion to live. What do you think?

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