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Paranormal Story Archives
June 2001
– Page 26

Dimes Everywhere
by LMG504

During the summer of 2000, every time I come home after work or go somewhere I'm always finding a dime on the ground. It's like they are following me around or something. The first experience was when I was arriving home from work; by a bus stop I found a dime. The second experience: I was walking around these apartments by my house and I found a dime laying in the middle of the street, so I picked it up. After that I started crossing the street without even expecting it I found another dime laying in the middle of the street. Third experience: I was sweeping the floor at a restaurant and by my foot there lies a dime. Fourth experience: I was walking in the middle of the highway and I found a dime and so on and so on... Does this mean I have good luck or just a superstition?

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