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Your True Tales
June 2004
Page 6

The Mysterious Creature in Oregon
by Rain

It was the 4th of July, 1995. We were camping in a campground called "moonshine park" in Siletz, Oregon. We had arrived late in the day and all the camp sites were taken, so we ended up with a site that was somewhat remote. We could not really see any other campers from our site. We were camped at a site on a cliff overlooking the Siletz River; from the cliff you could look down into the water and see solid rock that formed the riverbed at that section of the river. The water in the Siletz is very clear. After it got dark, we noticed the sound of snapping branches, very loud, but paid it no mind.

About 9 o'clock that night we decided to go to bed. I went up to the bathrooms about 1/4 mile from our site. As I was coming back, my wife was at the cliff with a flashlight shining it into the river. When I got down to her I could hear her saying, "What is that? What is that? I went over to the cliff with my flashlight and looked down. When I shined my light into the river, I saw a thing that was shaped like a person – two arms, two legs. But it had claws with three fingers on each claw. It was floating in the river on the rocks. It was at the shore moving away from us very slowly. At this point it looked up at us in a very casual way. When it looked at us, I could see its eyes. They covered about half its head, which was shaped like a bullet, tapered up to a point in the back. Its eyes reflected back the light from the flashlight like a cat's eyes would.

Now both my wife and I are asking each other, "What the hell is that thing?! Its body was covered in short brown hair, with "whisps" of hair on the top of the head. So at this point we got really scared. What absolutely scared me was it had no fear of us. We went and slept in our truck that night because we were too tired to drive three hours back home. We could hear a camper’s dog barking like crazy all night. When we looked in the morning it was, of course, gone.

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