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Your True Tales
June 2005
Page 18

Dimes from Heaven
by Dinah

The last part of August and through October 2004, I found a dime and picked it up and then I started to find more dimes in different places. It would be always a dime. I started to think about an article I read in a book about two years ago where coins would be left by someone you had lost. I thought maybe they were being left by my mother, but then again I wondered, why now? She had been gone for almost 12 years.

Late October came and I got a call from my best friend. She was having a bad day; she had lost her husband in July. We talked for a long time and I thought I would tell her about the dimes I was finding. I kept all the dimes I had found in a special place. I went over to count them for her. I told her that I had found 16 and I hadn't added the last one, which would make it 17. I froze and could not believe the realization of what was happening. My best friend's daughter's birthday was the next day. She was 16 and tomorrow she would be 17. I sent all the dimes to her from her dad in Heaven.

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