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Your True Tales
June 2007
- Page 8

Top Hat Entity and Wormy Things
by Keri

This happened during the summer of 1994 or maybe 1993. I was in my bedroom with all of the lights out, just talking with my boyfriend. I got a very distinct sense that we were being closely watched, but said nothing to him for fear that he would not believe me. I left the bedroom to use the bathroom and had to walk through the living room and into the hallway. The opening of the hallway can be seen from the bedroom, but not the hallway itself.

As I walked into the hallway, I felt as though the "thing" watching me was now following me. Upon my return from the bathroom, I saw what I thought was my boyfriend standing off to the side of the bedroom entrance as if to scare me. I thought it was strange that he seemed dressed in a long coat, and that his shoulders seemed more broad, but the top hat gave him away. Just that week he had bought a funny-looking hat (he was a jokester by nature) that was similar to a top hat.

As I approached him, I felt him take a deep breath and hold it as though he was trying to prevent himself from being seen. Just then, as I was about one foot away from him, I said, "B.T.? What are you doing?" He responded to me cautiously, "Who are you talking to?" Only he responded from the bedroom! I was so scared that I leapt from that spot to the bed in what seemed like one leap. He was scared, though the lights were out and I could not see his face; his fear was palpable.

He then asked me what was going on and that he had seen these snake-like, dark, wormy things follow me into the hallway. So that night we saw two different kinds of "ghosts"! The wormy-like snake energies and the top hat entity. I'm writing this because I read on this site that others have seen him, too. This was the only time I witnessed him, but he is six feet plus some, wears a top hat and trench coat, has broad shoulders and no distinguishable features at all... just a shadow person. In retrospect, he seemed harmless and mostly curious. It was as though he was studying our behavior and taking notes.

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