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Your True Tales
June 2008
- Page 10

Lizard Man and Missing Time
by Billy

This incident happened when I was around the age of 19 years old; I am currently 26, and this all happened in Norton, Massachusetts. Have you ever had the feeling that you've seen something that you weren't supposed to see? I have, and I've read stories of people searching there whole lives to witness something like that. Trust me, it's not worth it, for what I saw has changed my life and the way I look at everything, including religion.

I was working in a summer job. I worked late, though I usually didn't get off until 11:30 at night. One night as I was closing up the store and started to walk home, which was only about a mile away, I decided to take a short cut, one I have taken hundreds of times through the woods at all hours of the night and day. I never thought twice about it since I've been around them basically my whole life.

But this night was different. What I witnessed that night has been burning in my mind for almost eight years now. While I was going through the woods, the street lights from outside the woods illuminated a small path. As soon as I let out a yawn, I heard an earth-shaking roar. I froze in my steps, almost literally soiling myself I was so scared. The cigarette I had just recently lit only about 45 seconds - 1 minute before the roar burnt my fingers because it was already burnt down to he butt!

As I stood there, what I saw still scares me and gives me goose bumps to this day. I saw this 7- 8-foot-tall creature poke its head out from behind a tree. It just looked at me. It looked like a lizard with a man's face! It was only about 10 feet away from me. This thing was HUGE! It looked like it could have ripped me from limb to limb if it wanted to. The next thing I know, I saw a huge flash of light out of the corner of my eye in the sky! Next thing I know, the thing is gone.

I looked at my watch and it was 1:45 in the morning. I ran home as fast as I could! My lungs were burning by the time I reached my front door. My mother burst through the screen storm door, demanding to know where I was, and my father followed. I burst into tears and never really told them what happened. I just said something along the lines of, "I just want to go to bed. I'm so tired." I was 19. There was not much they could do or say, as you could imagine. I never went through those woods again. I don't know why I let it haunt me the way I do. I mean, out of all the people in the world, why did it have to be me? What did I ever do so wrong that I had to witness something that makes me sleep with lights on and look behind my shoulder at night?

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