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Paranormal Story Archives
March 2001
– Page 24

Future Dreaming
by SGawinski

I will share with you incidents that occurred that seriously changed my life. The first real experience was when I was five years old. I had a dream of a fire that would take place that day in our small two-bedroom upstairs flat. I wakened afraid and was unable to eat. I told my mother we had to leave because there was going to be a fire that morning. She looked at me and smiled and said, "Eat your breakfast." I was unable to eat anything, shaking and pacing all morning until 11:30. My mother called me back into the kitchen to eat lunch, since I had not eaten anything that morning. I sat there staring at the chicken and rice soup sitting in front of me. I jumped up and shouted, "Mommy, there is a fire in the living room. I have to get my dolly!" I ran into the living room to see the furnace engulfed in flames! I screamed and my mother came running in, grabbed my sister and me and ran downstairs and outside to safety. She never mentioned it to and I cannot eat chicken rice soup to this day!

The second incident involved my time as an LPN. I lived alone, had just worked a double shift, I was exhausted and quickly retired to bed. Only a few minutes had passed and I heard someone call my name, "Sandra, get up!" I wakened to see no one around me, but stumbled to my front door to see if perhaps someone was there. No one was visible through the peep-hole. I looked outside through the window near my bed - no people, no cars, relatively quiet. I returned to bed, and in just a few quick minutes drifted off to sleep. I was suddenly awakened again by someone calling my name, "Sandra, get up!" I got up quickly and recognized the male voice as my father (dead for 10 years). It frightened me, but I got up. I looked right outside my window hoping to see someone below calling my name out. No one was there. I turned to a crashing sound and saw the ceiling caving in on my pillow and entire bed. That incident stayed with me for a very long time.

The third incident was a dream of my mother in a white casket, pearl earrings and blue dress. I knew it was her, yet she did not look exactly like herself which I could not understand. I wakened with tears on my cheeks. It felt so real! I attempted to shrug it off, as death-dreams of parents are not uncommon, especially if one's childhood was an unhappy one. Six months later, however, my mother was killed by a drunk driver in Virginia. She sustained serious head injuries, which resulted in plastic surgery to her face. She did not look like herself at all. My grandmother selected the casket, dress and earrings as I was still flying in from N.Y. The match of earrings, hairstyle, dress and white casket was identical!

The fourth dream occurred just three months after my mother's death. The incident involved my father-in-law, a wonderful gentleman who I absolutely adored. I had a strange dream of a family gathering (holiday), and we were standing in this lovely meadow/picnic area. Everyone was there except my father-in-law. I looked everywhere for him until I saw him up in a tree, standing on a tree-house platform. He was looking right at me and said, "God, my head hurts!" He then proceeded to wave goodbye and floated toward the heavens. It chilled me. I felt him leave and felt the emptiness. On New Year's day evening, we went over to my in-laws for a visit. During the course of the evening, my father-in-law said he did not feel well. I offered to take his blood pressure (am an RN) and his blood pressure was 230/150. He then grabbed his head and said, "God, my head hurts!" I called the paramedics and off he went to the hospital. He went into a coma and died within 48 hours. I have not had any more dreams, except only very recently and that involved two friends that I once worked with over five years ago. I could not get them out of my mind. I ran into a mutual friend who said she had heard that both those women were fighting breast cancer and both undergoing chemotherapy.

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