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Paranormal Story Archives
March 2002
Page 15

Devil in Human Form
by Carlos H.

This incident happed around the late 1960s when I was very young. A friend and I were out very late one night riding around the neighborhood on our Schwinn Stingray bicycles. I remember it was a kind of rainy and misty (Winter time), so we were both wearing our coats and beanie caps to fend off the damp night chill. I lived in the older, scarier part of town, and the streets were always quiet and deserted after dark. We were both kind of juvenile delinquents and always finding ways to get into trouble. We decided that it would be fun to see if we could find a way to get into a small, old building that was used as our town's local Boy's Club during the day. We managed to find a way to get in, and we were both sort of snooping around in the dark.

All of a sudden, we heard someone break up the pool balls in the billiard room down the hall. It was that loud, distinct cracking sound when the balls are hit after a new rack. Frightened yet somehow curious, we decided to investigate to see who might be in the room . We both looked around in the room, but we couldn't find anyone, so we started getting real nervous. I looked out the window to see if I could see anything outside and I saw a very tall, dark, thin man leaning up against the basketball court pole. He was looking directly in our direction, but I couldn't see his face because the light post was a distance behind him. All I could see was has dark outline. He was just standing there leaning against the post looking at us. 

We decided to get the heck out of there fast so we got on our bikes and took off as quick as we could pedal. After riding about six or seven blocks, we pulled over to rest and talk about the experience. As we both sat there, we looked across the street and again we saw the same man standing there leaning up against a telephone pole this time! He was just there leaning against the pole looking at us! He was very tall and thin and looked like kind of shadowy. We both got real spooked this time because we both knew he couldn't have possibly followed us all that way that fast on our bikes! We both took off and rode straight to my house and went inside and kept a vigil most of the night, but he never reappeared again.

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