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Paranormal Story Archives
March 2002
Page 16

Japanese Soldier's Ghost
by Albert F.

I'm in the Air Force and when I was stationed at Clark Air Base, Philippines, I experienced what seemed to be an encounter with a ghost. I worked as a Security Police assigned to Mounted Patrol (Horse Patrol). The entire base is huge and most of the grounds are not accessible to vehicles or foot patrols. Mounted Patrol fit the void in harsh jungle areas that were hard to access but needed patrolling. As you know, during World War II there were many fierce battles fought on the base. Americans, Filipinos and the Japanese carried many stories covering the battles, and heavy death tolls resulting in the carnage.

One night I was patrolling (alone) a section of weapons storage area and I noticed in the shadows by a utility pole a human-like figure standing by the pole. Since it was the middle of the night and everyone had gone home from work, I knew the only people that could be in the area were other Security Policemen. I called on the radio to the dispatch desk to ascertain if there were any foot patrols in the area. They said none - I was the only one in the area. I called back and announced I have an intruder in the area. I started to move on the intruder (remember I'm on a full size American Quarter horse and the intruder is on foot). We have what is called a signal flare (white phosphorous signal flare). It's used to light up an entire city block for about 20-30 seconds to aide us in evaluating the situation and guide us to our target. When I yelled out for the intruder to stop, the person came out entirely from the side of the utility pole and started heading away from me, not really running, but he seemed to be floating away from me. I thought it was just the shadows and the distance between us to give me a clear outline of the person. I called the desk and told them I was giving chase. I started galloping toward the intruder's position (100 yards away). I was traveling almost 20-25 miles an hour on horseback and I wasn't gaining any ground. This particular area was over open manicured grass without any obstructions. I decided to shoot up a signal flare to get a direction of the intruder's position. As I was about to send the signal flare up, the person disappeared. I stopped and shot the flare anyways. When the flare erupted and the whole area was illuminated, I saw nothing but open field. The person just disappeared. The desk was calling me on the radio, asking for status. I didn't know what to tell them. One minute I'm in pursuit and the next the intruder vanishes. I left the area and explained on the telephone what had happened.

I talked to other guards and they have seen and heard similar stories of seeing Japanese soldiers in the area. Some have been known to call out to tower guards and the guard would look down and not see a soul. Everyone said I saw a ghost. To this day I know what I saw, but I could not explain what happened.

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