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Your True Tales
March 2003
Page 3

Walking Séance Table
by Amber H.

I have been living on an old street all my life, and so did all the women in my family before me. The house and street have been here since the 18th century. It's a two-story house, and some friends and I used to always have séances every Friday. One Friday night, my friends were busy with work and I had the day off, so I started the séance by myself. I encountered a few strange people, who got a bit angry, but nothing too serious.

After 1:00 a.m. came, I went to bed on the top story. Once I got into bed, I couldn't get to sleep. Then I heard it... the noise downstairs. It was as though someone was thumping on the wall. I got up and walked out of my bedroom door. When I was at the edge of the top step, I saw the weirdest thing: it was the table - the table I performed the séance on - trying to get up the stairs!

I freaked and ran downstairs and started hitting the table, telling it to leave me alone. After five minutes it was all over. The table was as still as the air in the room.

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