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Your True Tales
March 2003
Page 38

Brahma's World
by Jean F.

Back in the early 1970s, I found that I was able to spontaneously astrally project by practicing some meditation techniques suggested by Paul Twitchell in his book Tiger Fang. These "exercises" had been very successful for me, as I was able to "soul walk" almost from the very first moment I tried one! I was confident, at that point, that I could tell the difference between a vivid dream and an astral projection (such as having a sense of touch or smell). 

On this particular evening, no sooner had I laid down to begin my meditation, when I was immediately transported in my "light body" to a long, narrow hallway with large doors along both sides. In the hallway stood a tall, very thin, dark-haired man whose white robe reminded me of something that might be worn in a monastery, perhaps in India or the Middle East. He had very dark-brown, piercing eyes that seemed to scrutinize me as though I was a specimen under a microscope - as though he could read my thoughts and was making a mental note of them for some future study.

He gestured toward one of the doors in the hallway, opened it and ushered me inside. Then we turned to look at the setting before us. It was an idyllic scene, in colors that seemed to glow. I felt the light from the sun warm my face as I beheld rolling hills covered with the greenest grass I have ever seen. Smiling men and women of all descriptions, sizes and ages strolled slowly along narrow, earthen footpaths which crisscrossed the gentle slopes of the hills. They all had expressions of such serenity and pure contentment on their faces as they walked or stood in pairs or in groups of three or four chatting amicably. Periodically, my "companion" and I would have to walk single file to allow others we met on the path to pass by and, as we did so, they would acknowledge us with a pleasantly smiling nod, or utter a brief greeting in soft tones.

Dotting the landscape were trees with spreading branches of green leaves adorned with round, red fruit; and, although I can't say exactly why, I thought they must be apples. Here and there, under the trees, small audiences of 10 or 15 people sat and listened attentively while what appeared to be a teacher or storyteller stood before them and spoke or read aloud from a book. As we made our way along the path, my "guide" would occasionally ask for my observation, opinion, or feelings regarding what I saw, and I answered - as honestly and completely as I could - all of his questions.

After a time, a hill loomed before us that was somewhat taller than those we had seen so far. Looking up, I noticed what appeared to be jets of flames shooting out from around the crest and slopes of the sides of the hill. There were 9 or 10 of them in all, about 20 feet long, and they appeared to be suspended in mid-air. They were blue with bright orange tips, reminding me of flames fed by natural gas. What came into view, however, on the opposite side of the hill, was probably the most awe-inspiring, extraordinary, and bizarre sight that I have ever beheld! For there, reposed upon a glowing, ornate throne of gold, sat a human-like figure of at least four-stories in height, with skin the color of indigo, and possessed of at least eight arms! The flames I had seen from the other side of the hill were emanating from around the top and sides of this being's body - offset by about half their length in mid-air!

The being's hair was of medium length (extending past his shoulders) and black in color. His eyes were a golden brown, large, almond-shaped, and almost peripheral in nature; and his mouth was full-lipped, and seemingly permanently set in a wide smile. He was bare from the waist up, and wore loose, gathered trousers and a cummerbund of cloth seemingly spun from gold. He was adorned with bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry of gold - some set with huge, precious stones. I noticed what I would call a "caste mark" (a dot) in the middle of his forehead, which lead me to believe that he was Hindi in origin or orientation.

In a moment, the being began to speak to us, and his voice boomed out, actually causing the ground to vibrate beneath my feet! He told us that his name was "Brahma," and that this was the one, true, name of the All-Mighty God. He went on to say that, this "world" is his world, and that it was far more evolved than the simple plane of existence that we were used to on earth. Brahma's voice continued to reverberate, at a volume level that was almost deafening, as he rambled on and on regarding his greatness, his dominion over all mortal beings and "lesser deities." He told us his world was "above all others." He also said that, though each religion on earth maintains a different vision of the afterlife that there was no other place beyond this world of his, and all who shed their earthly existence in death, immediately ascended to Brahma's world - there to remain for all time.

I don't know exactly how long we stood there, listening to the rumbling of Brahma's voice, but after a time, my guide made our excuses, and we walked back together the way we had come. When we returned to the huge "door" through which we had originally entered this world, my guide opened it and we stepped back into the long hallway as he swung it closed. Then, looking in my face with those penetrating eyes, my tall, thin, dark companion asked me, "Well... What did you think about Brahma and what he told us?" 

I felt vaguely uncomfortable under his gaze, but I looked into his eyes and asked, "You mean the part about being the one, true god?"

He answered quietly, "Yes."

"Well..." I offered cautiously, "I think that, if Brahma was indeed as powerful as he kept saying he was, that he wouldn't have to tell us. I should think that it would be obvious, and we wouldn't need to be told." My guide nodded, and smiled briefly, still searching my eyes with his piercing gaze, as I continued, "...And the whole time, I kept thinking, 'Why does he care what I think? Why is he trying to convince me?'"

My Guide nodded and said, "That is exactly what you were supposed to understand from this experience. Good." 

Then, without another word, he turned and walked off, briskly, down the hallway, leaving me standing there. I came back to consciousness on my bedroom floor a moment later. It was not until the next day that I read in Paul Twitchell's book, Twitchell's physical description of his spirit guide, Rebezar Tarzus. When I did, my jaw practically dropped to the floor! There, in perfect detail, was an exact description of the tall, thin, dark eyed and dark haired man in white robes that I had met in the hallway, and who had been my companion in Brahma's world!

That was many years ago - but, if I close my eyes, I can still see the bizarre, powerful image of "Brahma", his many arms and blue skin; with jets of flame shooting out from around him, sitting on that enormous golden throne - but I have yet to see Rebezar Tarzus again.

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