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Your True Tales
March 2007
- Page 6

The Cursed Book
by John James

This event occurred in Reunion Island in 1980 or 1981 (I forgot the exact year) and was lived by a very good friend of mine who was a former military in the French army. I will call him David (not his true name). In early eighties, David was married for more than a year and his wife had just given birth to a baby boy. He was then three months old and in order to be more at ease, the family moved into a larger house. It was actually the house of the brother-in-law of David's wife. It was remote yet not far from a built-up area. The house was furnished, had several rooms, a library with hundreds of books, and a locked store room (take a note about that).

David and his wife were (and still are) Christians and used to belong to a Charismatic Church. The whole family had been residing in that home for more than a month then and everything was doing fine. They did not know they were about to face the scariest event of their lives.

One afternoon after work, David went into the library and checked randomly on various books he would pick up from the bookshelves until he came across this odd book called Hell's Roses. The book related the story of a notorious witchdoctor from Madagascar who lived in Reunion Island in the late 1800s to the early 1900s who used to do incredible things. He would apparently transform himself as a rooster man (human body with a rooster head), terrorizing people of the area, make objects fly and hit people, curse people by sending a raining cloud over their head, and much more. He had a very bad reputation and was extremely scared from people of the island.

David was totally absorb by the book and spent almost an hour reading about black magic, witch formulas, stories... and then his wife reminded him they had to attend an evening meeting at Church that evening. He then put the book away and the whole family left. As they came back at around 9:00 pm, David noticed that their dog, who usually welcome them at the entrance gate, remained in his kennel. Secondly, as he entered the house he noticed that the store room door was opened. This seemed very strange to him because this room was locked. He checked inside and noticed that the window and shutters were all tightly closed. He just closed the door and both went back to their business. The sleeping baby was put into his room, they had diner, watch a bit of TV and went to bed at around 11:00 or slightly later.

The couple was lying down and David was about to fall asleep went he just heard a weird noise in the house. He waited for a moment and then decided to have a closer look. I must say that as a military, David is not scared of anything (he thought he wasn't then...). As he got into the hallway, he immediately noticed that the store room door was open again! The sound was also coming from this room. It was the sound of heavy scratches on a window's glass, just as if someone was trying to remove a fixed glass. But as soon as he came by the room and switched on the light, the noise stopped. He inspected the room to notice that the windows and shutters were all tightly closed. But as he was leaving the room and closing the door, the noise was now being heard from another room. It was the kitchen, then the library, then it stopped. He thought maybe a rat or mouse was messing around. After a quick look around he decided to go back to bed.

Again, just as he was going to fall asleep, the noises started again. He rose, walked back into the corridor and the door of the store room was open again! He decided to check thoroughly the store room (windows, shutters and door) trying to find an air flow or problem with the door, but everything was right. He closed the door (could not lock it because he did not have the keys) and the same scenario about the sound occurred again. Noise would be heard in different rooms and as soon as David would enter a room, the noise would move to another. He was now convinced something spooky was happening. The atmosphere was now heavy and eerie. But still he had a general check around his house. He checked outside, inside, etc... and everything was normal. The dog would have barked if someone was trying to break in.

David went back to his bedroom again hoping the noises would stop, but the worst was about to happen.

As he entered his room, his wife had woken up because of all David's checks. She actually just finished to breast feed the baby. The baby was put back into his cot and the couple lay down hoping to finally sleep when suddenly, the noise came from David's bedroom window! He got chilled now. The bed was actually just under the window (head side against the window). As the scratch sound was occurring, David slowly moved the curtains away and looked at the window. What a fright! There was nothing behind and the noise just went louder. From his window, he had a wide view of the huge front yard that was illuminated by the street lights.

Now things got very scary. They heard like people running into their bedroom on the ceiling, the walls and UNDER THEIR BED! As David turned around, he noticed that he was actually "floating" above his bed (he estimated at about 10 to 20 cms.) The bed was violently shaken and their bedroom cupboard doors opened and stuff inside fell off the ground. Then they were dropped on their bed. They could also hear like people running into the corridor and doors slamming all around. His wife's first reaction was to take the baby and both ran out of the house.

They took the car and flew to David's parents that night. They reached there at about 2:00 am. They were scared to death because of what had happened to them. They only came back on the next morning with several of their parents and friends in order to collect their belongings and move to another house. The weirdest thing was as they arrived, the dog was gone, the store room was now locked and all the stuff that had fallen down the cupboard were back in and doors shut.

Knowing my friend, I know he really experienced this situation. He is very serious and reliable man. He actually do not speak a lot but as he told me this story (in 1995), his wife was with him. I could depict fear on her face and she looked pale by "living" again that event. Anyway, it must have been particularly scary to live and it seems that the cause of this was the opening and reading of that cursed book.

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