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Your True Tales
March 2007
- Page 10

Mothman in California
by Carolina

Today, 2-11-07, I was driving home in the South Hills area of Loma Linda, California, and noticed a strange site in the sky. I saw a man-sized "something" in the sky. It was speeding along and turning in a geometric spiral downward into a housing area. I did a double take, and parked my car to get a better look. At first I thought it was a kite. Then a bunch of helium balloons. The lower it got, the more it looked like a man with a jet pack on, or at least some kind of wings on his back.

I realized it was not a kite, as it moved in such a way and at such a rate of speed, that it had no earthly tether. Nor was it suspended from anything. It got to be about 100 feet off of the ground, when I noticed a few people across the street looking at it too. It finally did settle somewhere in the neighborhood, a few streets away.

One of the men on the street said to me, "Did you see that? It looked like Mothman!" I had to agree at that point. I was under time constraints, so I did not try to find it. Truth be told, I don't need to meet up with Mothman, or a guy in a jet pack, for that matter! Quite a creepy thing to have witnessed in this upscale area!

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