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Your True Tales
March 2008
- Page 18

Fire Nymph
by Klyde B.

It was summer here in the Philippines, probably in the year 2005, May. I was in second year high school and it was our summer vacation. With nothing much to do to spend my summer (rather than playing computer games), my parents and I decided to visit our farm in Sto. Tomas, Baguio City and tried to experience farm life. So the next day, we embarked on our destination.

When we arrived, we settled things out. My mom would do the cooking, my dad would be responsible for the farm activity, and I was appointed to fix our sleeping area. Night came and we just had dinner. It was foggy that time and was very dark. I spent my siesta inside the hut with my mom, while my dad was outside, kinda observing something. Minutes pass, my dad yelled in an exciting voice "BUTATU! BUTATU!" I ran outside the hut and saw a mysterious glow of light, much more like a floating ball of fire! I was startled for what I've seen so was my mom. The floating thing was dancing in the air as it lights its path. It was not that big or something, more like a tennis ball specifically. We stood there watching the light until it vanished.

The next day, I asked my dad what was the thing last night. "It was a BUTATU," he said, which means floating fireball or fire nymph. He told me that long ago, those fireballs are helpful to farmers who go home late at night because they light up their path, but now few of them are rarely seen. Then I realized why my father was outside last night after dinner, it's because he already saw the BUTATU coming. I'm very lucky though that I've seen such a thing. And I can conclude that my farm life experience was one of a kind.

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