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Paranormal Story Archives
March 1999

The Hammering Ghost by Gregory O.
When I was in the fifth grade, my best friend died from hanging. I should note that to this day nobody knows if it was on purpose or accident. My sister, who is four years younger than me, found him hanging. He was too high for either of us to do anything. There was a picnic table that was flipped over that lay beneath him. Ever since that time, my family heard footsteps walking from one side of the house to the other... even when there may have been one person at home at the time. The most bizarre experience I had was when my sister and I were home alone about one year later and we heard pounding on the walls. It was just over a year that my friend died. I went upstairs to find out what it could be and I went room to room, when finally I came to the spare bedroom and found a hammer lying in the middle of the floor. There was no damage to anything. I talked to my parents soon after that and they said that nobody had been in that room in almost a month. This happened in 1981. To this day my parents still hear the footsteps.

Ouija Patterns by Beth K.
I have been playing with the Ouija for about eight years now, and recently I have had some pretty weird things happening. First of all, I won't go into the story, but I think that my dorm room was haunted because we played the Ouija, but I really have some questions about some of the patterns I have been seeing frequently. I know that the figure eight is bad, and the four corners, and the alphabet/numbers thing, but what about when it goes off the board and circles it around fast repeatedly? I have gotten all of the above experiences, but now every time we play, we get the same one, and he always does and says the same things: "Make me." Do you think he could mean, like, make him real, or like create him, in a sense? I have seen the candles go out in front of my eyes, and my friend claims he was touched by the spirit. (He is a reliable source, and wouldn't be making it up!) I really am kinda worried about always getting the same guy, and he always points to the sun symbol. The other night, we decided to put a silver coin (a dime) on the board, and he pushed it completely off the board! We left it on the table, and he kept going off the board and pushing and pointing to it. I want to know also if there is a way to call a certain spirit we want. We have tried, but the same one keeps interrupting and we loose the other. Should I dispose of my board?

The Sounds of Father's Wheelchair by Christopher T.
I am 43 years old, but this incident took place when I was 18. My father was slowly dying of a painful cancer.Since he was unable to walk, he often had to move around by wheelchair. One morning he was to be taken to the hospital. Not wanting to be seen on a stretcher, he arranged so that he could go down the stairs from his bedroom by bumping himself down on his behind. I will never forget the sight of him doing this before the medics carried him out the door to the ambulance. My father died three days later in the hospital. About a week after I kept hearing noises such as those of a wheelchair being pushed around in his bedroom. Often I heard bumping sounds as if one was being bumped down stairs. Being confused and upset - and I admit scared - I talked to my brother about it, and he heard strange noises to. My sister, who was 11 at the time, was so upset she went to live with her friend for a month. I started to have dreams of my father standing in my room. In each dream he was wearing the same clothes. To this day, I remember the sweatshirt he was wearing in my dreams. It was gray and had blue lettering saying, "University of Ottawa." I had never seen my father wearing this shirt before, so I asked my mother. She said he was given the shirt by a friend in the hospital. I had never seen the shirt before, nor had I seen my father in the hospital before he died. I had no way of knowing that this shirt existed. I cannot explain why I saw my father's apparition wearing this particular sweatshirt. Six months later, when my brother was away at school, he told me had a similar dream of my father wearing the identical sweatshirt. I try not to believe in the paranormal, but this experience has haunted me for the last 25 years.

Father's Message from the Other Side by L. Young
I was in a car accident in December, 1985. I was not hurt seriously, and due to a backlog in our local emergency room, I did not have X-rays taken on the day of the accident, but made a promise to my doctor that I would return the following day to have some tests done. That night I had an eerie experience. My father had passed away the previous January, but he visited me that night. He stood at the end of my bed, dressed in his work clothes and work boots. He asked me to come downstairs so we could talk and not disturb my husband. I went. (Whether I was dreaming or not, I don't know.) We hugged, and he told me to forego the X-rays the following day because I was pregnant, and that he was so happy that I would be giving him his first grandson. We talked for a few minutes and he told me to make sure that I told "kitten" that he loved her. I wasn't sure what he meant, but I agreed. Our conversation finally ended when my husband came to the top of the stairs and asked me who I was talking to. My father disappeared. I then went back to bed. I told my mother about this experience the next day and she broke into tears. She admitted that my father called her kitten when they made love (something that I could not have known). I went to the hospital for X-rays and they asked if I was pregnant before the X-ray, I said I had not missed a menstrual cycle but... as you guessed, I was pregnant and had a baby boy nine months and two weeks later. I was only three days pregnant at the time of the accident, according to my doctor.

Incubus Dream by Kelly R.
I have had dreams like the one I am about to speak of since my junior year of high school. I am now a college senior. The dream usually happens about 20 minutes after I have fallen asleep, because I have learned to glance at the clock after these episodes. I think I am actually awake and this evil, hot, heavy force settles on my chest, pushing down. It is so hot and just plain evil... it feels as if it is practically swimming around in my chest. I cannot see what is doing this to me. My nightmares are always different, except that they always include this terrifying aspect. I have thought several times that someone was in my room, about ready to kill me. Other times I know that this evil "force" has sexual intentions. Several times, right before I awaken, I have felt like I was trying to "fall" back into my body. There is a rushing feeling on my chest, and I awaken, terrified, because I truly believed that everything that had gone on in the dream was truly happening. Very, very weird stuff.

Ouija Powers by Frank E.
Many years ago, I found out just how dangerous the Ouija can be. In the study of the magick, the Ouija is a required evil. But when you are young, the thought of channeling a demon through yourself is daring, to say the least. To make the Ouija, one must find a suitable board. I found a length of English Black Oak. I carved it down, hand-smoothed it, lettered it, and finished it. Many of the operations were enlightening, and in a controlled environment it was as safe as could be expected. Years later, I had forgotten I even had the board when my oldest daughter found the board. Without telling me, she and her friends began playing with it. One night I heard screams coming from her room. When I entered, the board quit jumping and the room started warming up. I put the board away, but my daughter's haunting increased. After many majick operations, none of which controlled the demon, I burned the board after finding out the demons name. She is okay now, but no more Ouija.

Ouija Spirit Looks for Mother by Anonymous
I am a psychic who developed my insight gradually, starting from about age 17 when a college roommate and I experienced the same vision simultaneously while I was practicing TM and she taking a nap. I have intense psychic dreams and have been a channeler since age 38. I experimented with the Ouija board in high school. It happens that I had the best results with a female friend who also has an interest in the supernatural, though she is not exceptionally gifted herself. With her seated opposite me on a kitchen chair, the board balanced on our laps and our two hands placed lightly on either side of the planchette, the heart-shaped device would obediently spell out answers to our questions, mine about spirituality and hers about politics and the fate of the world. On some afternoons, though, neither one of us was trying to turn it, but the planchette would mysteriously spin beneath our fingers as if inhabited by an energetic sprite. It also often exhibited a strange pressure, and would sometimes dart so enthusiastically it would shoot off the edge of the board. Both of us watched our hands carefully and were amazed that these acrobatics could occur with minimal contact to the planchette; our fingers seemed to be merely chasing it across it's primer-like field, hanging on the very edge as if it were the golden goose. But perhaps the most frightening Ouija board experience came about when I had my mother as a partner after the sudden death of a family friend from a heart attack in his late forties. Mom was always reluctant to play the game, and the planchette rarely moved much with her. However, the night of the funeral, when I asked where _________ was, it inquired painfully back: "Where's my mother? I want MY MOTHER? I do not know where I am. I AM LOST!" From that moment on, I was aware of a brooding yet indefinable presence that persisted after I went to bed. Sleep refused to relieve me as I lay frozen in the moonlit room, staring furtively in one corner where the spirit of _______ seemed to lurk anxiously. I finally started to drift off around midnight, only to jerk awake frequently. The presence was still there. It would not leave until sunrise.

The Perfect Look-Alike by J. P.
I had an uncle who had passed away a few years ago. He was a well-known man in the area and had many friends. Needless to say, the chapel where the funeral was being held was very crowded. The chapel had several large glass sections in the rear where people could see the services when the seating area was full. I was seated near the front of the chapel with other relatives of my departed uncle. I started noticing people looking towards the rear of the chapel and several had shocked looks on their faces. When I turned to look, I had the strangest feeling . For there was a gentleman standing on the other side of the glass that could have been my uncle's twin brother. He was the same size, shape of face, same hair cut, same glasses, same everything. No one in the chapel knew who this mysterious man was. When the services were over, all the relatives went to this man with plenty of questions. Come to find out , this man had drank coffee with my uncle for years at a restaurant on the way to work, and he said that even the people at the cafe thought they were twins for a long time. I know this kind of explains the mystery man, but for this to happen at a funeral was truly a hair-raising experience. I've seen the gentleman a few times since, and it still gives me a strange feeling.

Ghost Wanted His Attention by Greg
I am a sound sleeper and never wake during the night. But one particular night, I awoke and knew something was wrong. I propped myself up on my elbow and opened my eyes. To my surprise, the chair that is normally in the corner was in the middle of the room facing me, with a girl of about 16, I would say, sitting in it. She was in a white dress and appeared to be from the 1800s or early 1900s. I know she was there, and I was calm until she spoke. She didn't move anything except her lips, saying, "Hi, Greg." Well, after that I knew it was real and panicked and laid back down putting the pillow over my head to try to fall back asleep. But here's the unbelievable part, and no one believes me to this day. I could feel her pushing on my shoulder trying to get my attention. At this time, if I removed the pillow, I would be staring her in the face! Removing that pillow was not on my list! I'm not sure what happened next, but I think I must have fainted or something. Whoever she was, she had a message... a message I didn't let her give me.

The Vortex by Frank S.
I am an astrologer and I work at psychic fairs at colleges, sororities, and other locations. I worked at a show for Alpha Omicron Phi sorority at Hartwick College in Central New York in April of 1998. The show went well and some of the sisters invited me and the two others I worked with that night into the kitchen for coffee and cookies. As I walked toward the kitchen from a parlor on the southern side of the house where the readings took place and approached the door to the kitchen, I had in one 1.5' diameter roughly circular area the feeling of being pulled both up and down and generally being off balance just before the door to the kitchen. I thought, "Well, this is an old house built either at the beginning of this or in the latter part of the last century; therefore, the floor is probably uneven or gives in certain way." I tested this idea out. The floor didn't creak and wasn't unlevel. I had the two women I worked with stand in the same spot just before the door to the kitchen from this southern parlor, and they felt the same sensation of being pulled, sinking, and losing their balance as well. Some of the sisters noticed it too, but many did not. I think it might be worth investigating as a phenomena by people experienced in channeling or by a legitimate paranormal investigator. I have never experienced anything like it and it was a very strong sensation.

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