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Paranormal Story Archives
May 2002
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Poked and Touched in the Night
by Anonymous

Everything started happening some eight months ago. I was awoken one night around 3 a.m. only to feel something crawling around on my bed. It felt small, like a cat or dog, but we have no pets. I could feel it brushing up against my legs, making it's way towards my head. I just lay there, confused, not knowing if I was dreaming or not. But the longer it went, the more convinced I was that I was no longer asleep. I was, and still am, 23 when this happened, and not exactly a frail individual. But I was terrified. I could not open my eyes and look, so I just cowered like a little child under my blankets. I eventually fell asleep again.
The next morning, I felt absolutely ridiculous for being so afraid, and just shrugged it off. I didn't even think about it for a few weeks. About a month later, I was awaken again in the middle of the night when I felt something crawling around on my bed. Again, it seemed like a small cat-like object. I thought it was quite odd that it happened a second time, so I mustered up the courage and threw off my blankets, diving to my light switch. Nothing there. I convinced myself that I was just dreaming, and shuffled back off to bed. Then it started yet again. Not more than five minutes after getting back into my bed, whatever it was was crawling around again. Only this time, it felt like there were two of them. As with the first time, I just pulled my blankets tight around me, and eventually passed out. I wasn't feeling any negative vibes or anything, so it was more just being creeped out than anything else.
Again, nothing happened for a number of weeks. But now that I think of it, I did have a rather long period (2-3 months) of nightmares, waking up often in the night and such. But I never felt anything crawling around on my bed again. This period of troubled sleep came to a point after about the third month. I was awakened once again around 3 a.m. This time, however, it was not to something crawling around on my bed, but rather to the sensation of being poked and touched. I was horrified. I could sense five separate beings on and around my bed, touching me, poking me. My eyes refused to open. My brain just wouldn't let me. I tried to lay perfectly still, not wanting to alarm whatever, or whoever, was there. I suddenly realized that I was aware of their communicating with one another, talking about me, but there was no one actually talking. It was more of an empathic type of communication, that somehow, I was able to perceive. When I realized they were talking about me, I got really scared, even more so than I was beforehand. I pulled my blankets over my head and curled up into a fetal position and tried to block everything out. 
The poking and touching didn't stop. After about 5-10 minutes of this, I just couldn't take it anymore. Having been raised a Catholic, but no longer practicing, I decided to do what any good Catholic would do: I began to recite the Lord's Prayer, first in English, then in French. As I was reciting the prayer, the presence of these things began to fade away. By the time I finished the second prayer, I couldn't feel them anymore. But I was still too afraid to do anything. There I lay, in a fetal position, my eyes firmly shut, my blankets wrapped tightly around me. After another five minutes or so, I dove out of my bed and turned on my light. I sat on my bed, my back to the wall, cradling my pillow. That's how I fell asleep.
I still don't know how to explain all this. Was it just a series of horrific nightmares? Was it some demon or spirit? One of my friends suggested being visited by "aliens," but as I don't believe in them, I dismiss this theory. Needless to say, I slept with a light of some sort on for the next few months. Even now, I no longer open my eyes in my room if there are no lights, fearing what might be there.

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