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Your True Tales
May 2003
Page 33

The Ghost That Left the Cemetery
by Floss F.

Around 1955 or so, my father Louie mowed the grounds and dug graves at the Portage La Prairie cemetery. He told me that old wooden markers, pine caskets and bodies more or less disintegrated with time. Dad said there were times when a fresh grave was unknowingly dug in an occupied plot. When digging a fresh grave, he once found a diamond ring. Dad tossed the ring back into the excavation without a second thought.

"Why did you throw the diamond ring back in the hole?" I asked him.

"That ring belonged to a woman, my girl. If she wanted someone to have it, she would not have been buried with it," he told me. "You never take what belongs to the dead," he cautioned.

Mike Kowalachuk was my dad's boss and superintendent of the cemetery. I had met him on several occasions when I walked to the cemetery to bring dad his lunch when he forgot it at home. Out of childish curiosity, I asked Mike if he had ever seen a ghost. In my opinion and according to my friends, a grave yard was a logical place for one to haunt.

"I don’t believe in ghosts," Mike chuckled. "Whoever says they saw a ghost is either lying or trying to put a scare into anyone who would listen to nonsense like that. No sir," he said, "there is no such thing as a ghost."

One day Mike up and quit his job.

"Why quit now, Mike? What about your pension?" my father asked him.

"Strange things are happening at my house, Louie. I can’t sleep. I hear dishes and pots moving around in the kitchen and furniture moves about in the living room. When I get up to see what’s going on, nothing is out of place. It’s been going on for weeks. Last night I heard what sounded like chains being dragged across the floor. That scared me let me tell you” he said. “I never said a word to anyone but a few weeks ago when I finished work and got in the cab of my truck a ghost got in with me. I couldn’t see it but I knew it was there. Who would believe me? I left for home that day and the ghost left the cemetery with me. I swear it’s the truth."

I heard my dad tell my mom Mile had a loose screw in his head from working at the cemetery for 20 years but I always believed he told my dad the truth.

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