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Your True Tales
May 2004
Page 8

Mysterious Message
by Gail

This happened to me on the night of April 3, 2004, and I am totally freaked by this.

I was asleep in my bed. I awoke to hear my stairs creaking as if someone was walking on them. I remember thinking that there was someone in the house and that if they tried to get in my room then I would hear the door handle next.

All of a sudden I felt something in my room. It was an "energy" – I can't explain it any other way except I knew there was something in my room and I was paralyzed with fear. Wind stared to blow in my room – warm wind that I felt on my face. I was wide awake and very scared. There was also a "rushing" noise in the bedroom; I thought that maybe the window was open, but I knew that it was not.

The energy in the room seemed to build up and up, and all of a sudden something rushed straight through my body, really fast. Then this happened again, right through my whole body really fast. The wind was still in my room and the rushing noise. I knew that someone was there and I called out "hello." There was no reply. I could not see anything; everything was dark as usual in my room.

Then came a voice, a female voice with no accent, very clear, almost "tinkling." She said, "You will fall out with Lou over money you owe."

I thought to myself, Who is Lou? I don't understand the message. And then she said it again: "You will fall out with Lou over money you owe." Then she said, "If you need help, knock three times." I heard three knocks.

These words were in my head somehow before she actually said them. Then I heard a door shut and all went very calm in my room, very quiet and calm. I felt scared, but very peaceful and knew that whatever it was did not mean to hurt me.

I lay there for a very long time, afraid to move or even look at the clock to see the time. I absolutely know that I was not dreaming or sleeping. I KNOW this happened to me, but I do not know anyone named Lou and I am afraid as I appear to have been visited from the spirit world.

Can anyone help explain this to me?

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