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Your True Tales
May 2006
Page 23

Smoky Apparitions
by Joseph

I'm a security guard right outside the city limits of Atlanta. I work at this new granite quarry across from the old landfill. I started working there before they had electricity set up, so I would usually sit and play guitar or read to pass the time. Well, one night I was just tuning up my guitar in the near dark when I saw this dark brown smoke come out from behind the wall heater. I smelled the air and I didn't smell anything. And it didn't really look like smoke; it was all staying together and moving slowly one way.

As I was watching it, It began to take form into a larger cloud. I was puzzled, but just sat there watching. I swear I don't do drugs or hallucinate, but the cloud turned into a giant robed man. He appeared (when I noticed the form was a man) to be looking down at the ground. As soon as I realized it, I about jumped back into the wall, but as when he looked at me in my eyes a great comfort came over me.

He was large, almost 8 to 10 feet, sitting on a crate not even 5 feet in front of me. He had a giant brown beard, large comforting eyes, giant almost perfectly woven locks from his beard. He began to talk to me not with his mouth, but his hands and eyes. He gestured in such a way it made everything he gestured completely clear. But as he began to do this, I noticed another man appear out of nowhere. He was much smaller, like a regular person's height. He had jet black hair all slicked back and shiny. His eyes though were black and almost smoky and he began looking out the windows of the shack, as if waiting for something. He didn't say a word either, but it seemed like they were together.

So excited and in awe about this whole I began rambling to them out loud, saying, "Who are you? Where are you from? Please visit any time." That kind of thing, so I really didn't make out a whole lot he was telling me, but he actually let me test that I was seeing the truth. He gestured to me to come close, and when I did he began turning back to smoke. Then as I stepped back, he turned back with a big smile on his face. I did it a few times to assure myself I wasn't seeing things. Everything else other than them were completely normal, and my mind was clear and alert. He then pointed to the side wall in the dark with this worried look on his face, so I shined my flashlight over and saw a stop sign with a can of gas and a fire extinguisher in front of it.

After about 20 -25 minutes of this amazing encounter, I started walking to the door to see if any of the drivers were around because I wanted them to see it. I turned around and saw just the large guy begin to dissipate and go back into the wall behind the heater. I swear it was the most amazing metaphysical thing that has ever happened to me. I just wish I new what it meant..

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