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Your True Tales
May 2008
- Page 15

Red Cross Nurse Ghost
by Gene

This story takes place in Hollywood, Florida in 1982. It is a true a story, so help me. When my parents moved us from Homestead, Florida to Hollywood in 1971, they sold my grandmother's trailer and had her move in with us. I had a back bedroom and used a waterbed. My parents took apart my bunk bed and turned it into two separate beds and set them up in one of the front bedrooms. This is the room my grandma took. Less then a year later, she told us she was going to lie down for a bit before dinner. When my mother went to wake her, she had passed on, peacefully sleeping on the bed.

Years later, I had been married for about 4½ years when my wife developed breast cancer. She was only 26 and she had to have a double mastectomy. We moved out of our apartment and into my parents house so my mother could help care for her. We slept in my grandma's old room because of the two beds as I didn't want to bang into my wife in my sleep as she recovered.

One night around 1 a.m., I woke to my wife's calling out my name saying, "Did you see her?" I was like, "See who?" She said that there was a young woman all dressed in a white dress with a red cross on the breast, and she had a type of nurses cap on her head. She was smiling at my wife and had her hand on her foot, but was gone when I woke up. I comforted my wife and soon we were back to sleep.

The next morning, we told my mother what had happened. She just gave us this knowing smile and said to wait there a minute. Soon she came back with a box of photos and showed a picture of my grandmother to her. My wife's eyes grew huge as she excitedly pointed and screamed, "That's her!" Apparently -- and I did not know this -- grandma was a Red Cross nurse in WWI! She was there, I guess, to comfort my wife. But what I did not know then was that within a year the cancer had spread to her spine and brain... and my wife died. I think grandma was there so my wife would go to her in the light when the time came.

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