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Your True Tales
November 2003
Story of the Month

The Green Ghost Under the Bed
by Cristina D.

I was four years old and living in a townhouse in Maryland at the time of the only paranormal experience I ever had. At the time, my little brother and I were sharing a bunk bed in a small room – he slept on the top bunk and I slept on the bottom. We kept most of our toys under the bed because the room was so small. So whenever I wanted to play with a toy, I'd just go and pop my head in between the wall and the bedside and take one out to play with. I loved doing this.

Late one night, when my brother and the rest of the household were fast asleep, I still found myself wide awake. No matter what I did, I just couldn't fall asleep. I remember looking out the window at the night sky and sighing because I was trying so hard to sleep. Eventually, being bored stiff, I thought, "What the heck, I'll just grab a toy from under the bed and play with it until I fall asleep." So I stuck my head under the bed... only to see what was a greenish male being – something like a green gnome – with wide-open, large, human-like eyes sitting, smiling and playing with one of the toys under my bed! I distinctly remember him being completely focused on playing with the toy, smiling and making exclamations of joy in the same way a baby or toddler does when playing with a fun toy. I remember the toy itself was making the usual sounds toys make when played with. I don't remember what he was wearing, but I'm pretty sure he was wearing something.

He was probably about 10 inches away from where my face was and he was very surprised to see me. But he wasn't scared at all. He seemed happy and very curious to see me and, throwing the toy aside, he inched himself toward me. I remember his huge smile and big eyes getting closer to me and I, of course, completely freaked out. This all happened within a matter of seconds. I specifically remember my face contorting into an expression of shock and fear and I just couldn't get my head out from under the bed fast enough.

I just stayed in bed for the rest of the night as there was no way I was getting out of that bed. I was absolutely convinced that he was going to reach out his hand from under the bed and grab me or something because I had seen him when I wasn't supposed to. But nothing happened after that. After a couple of hours of being awake and afraid, I ended up falling asleep.

The strange thing was that before and after I dunked my head under the bed, I could hear absolutely nothing – it was all perfectly still and quiet in my room. But when I was seeing him, I was aware of the noise he was making. I swear this really happened to me, and I think it only came about because I caught him completely off-guard. It was not a dream. Needless to say, I never dunked my head under the bed again after that.

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