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Your True Tales
November 2004
Page 7

Grandmother's Last Visit
by Joanna T.

I was 19 years old and living in the dormitory at New Mexico State University. This was back in 1993. My family lived in El Paso, Texas, not too far from Las Cruces, New Mexico. My grandmother was ill. She was diabetic and my family resided with her at her home. My mom said that my grandmother was not too much of herself that day. She wasn't eating as much and was pretty quiet – and scared. So when the night time came, my grandmother kept calling for my oldest sister. My sister went in and asked what she needed. She just wanted some company and couldn't sleep, so my sister sat with her in her room so that she could go to sleep. Then suddenly my grandmother started yelling for my mom and my mom came in. She was having a heart attack, so my mom and sister started to perform CPR on her.

At this time, I wasn't aware of what was happening; I was back in Las Cruces asleep, and I was having a dream of some sort. Suddenly, I was standing alone. The lighting in my dream was gray, like a cloudy day, and cloud-like forms all over, and the floor wasn't solid like in reality. I was standing there wondering. I saw a figure at a far distance and then closer until I saw who it was in front of me. It was my grandmother, wearing her navy blue dress with little white flowers. It was her favorite.

I looked at her and she said to me with a smile, in Spanish "Ya me voy," which means "I'm leaving." I asked her in Spanish "Para adonde?" which means, "Where to?" She couldn't explain to me where, but she gave me the most beautiful hug, and it was so comforting, as if she wanted me to always remember her and pray for her.

As soon as she let go, the phone rang. I got up and it was my mom. As she was about to speak to me I said to her, "I know, mom, she passed away." My mom started to cry and I did also. The next day, when I arrived in El Paso, I told every one about my dream and we were all stunned. But I think no one could ever give me the most beautiful experience in the world, like the one my grandmother gave me.

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