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Your True Tales
November 2004
Page 13

The Dog-Man Monster
by Kim Tran

This incident happend about three years ago. I was lying in my bed at my parents' house when I was 18. I remember there was this dog toy in the corner of my room; its name was Cotton Candy. Someone had told me to place a dog toy or dog-like thing anywhere in the corner of your house or bedroom, to protect yourself from evil spirits.

That early morning, I woke up suddenly. I turned my face to the side and there before my eyes was this horrible human-looking thing. It was on all fours and it had big black eyes, and I remember brown hair. He was growling at me with long sharp, sharp teeth! I was paralyzed with fear. I screamed sooooo loud and quickly took shelter under my blanket.

For about 10 minutes I wondered what to do or who to scream for. I was 18 and felt foolish to be calling for my father. So I decided to leave the room. When I pulled my covers over my head and turned my head to the side, I saw Cotton Candy. He was sitting in the middle of the room where that thing was facing me. I grabbed him and threw him out of my room and ran to my brother's room. My dad came in shortly and told me to get out because I was disturbing him while he sleeps. My brother is handicaped and cannot talk; he has the brain of a child. I took him back to my room and I asked him if there was anyone else he saw in the bedroom. To my surprise, he pointed to the middle of my room where Cotton Candy was and laughed his head off. I was so freaked out.

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