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Your True Tales
November 2004
Page 28

The Floating Popcorn
by Brenda

This happened to me 40 years ago when I was seven years old. My mother had died from cancer the year before, and my dad, my younger sister and I were in our home. I had talked my dad into letting us stay up late to watch a horror film on television. My dad had made popcorn and, as he always did after it popped, he put it into a brown paper bag, then put a share into a small bowl for me and my sister to share.

With my dad on the sofa and my sister and I sitting on the floor, we settled down in front of the TV. I was lost in the movie. It must have been an hour later when the room became freezing cold, even though this was summer in Texas. I looked down at my sister who was asleep, and could see her breath! I touched her foot and it felt like ice! I really didn’t think much of this. I just got a blanket off of the bed and put it around us and started to watch the movie again.

I noticed that our popcorn bowl was empty without taking my eyes off of the movie I asked my dad to pass the popcorn. When I didn’t receive a reply, I turned to look over my right shoulder and saw that my dad had fallen asleep. I turned my head back to the TV. for just a second, then heard or saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head over my left shoulder and there was the brown paper bag floating toward me!

I stood up and screamed, “No!” and knocked the bag. It fell to the floor, spilling popcorn all over the room. The room suddenly became warm again.

I was petrified and had to shake my dad awake. When I finally got him to wake up and told him what had happened, he said that I must had been asleep and dreamed the whole thing. Even when I showed him the spilled popcorn, he maintained that I was asleep.

I could never sleep in that house again and had to go live with my grandmother in another town. I’ve never told anyone this story or even discussed it with my father.

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