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Your True Tales
November 2008
- Page 17

Louisiana Poltergeist
by Brandy Parker

I live and have grown up in the Central Louisiana area (Cenla, as we call it here). The house I grew up in was located in the small community of Tioga, but a few years ago, it burned down completely when my brother-in-law tried to put out a small trash pile he was burning... he sprayed it with a water hose, and being that the old house was nothing but a pine wood-frame house over 80 years old, a flame licked it and within a few minutes, the entire house was in flames.

We moved there when I was five years old in 1979. My aunt and uncle had lived there before we did, and my other aunt and uncle, along with their daughter, lived across the street. Our house was built in the mid 1930s and had a good-sized barn in the back of the property, which was almost three acres in size. The barn was used as shelter for some horses at one time. I tell you all this to give you some background information on the house and the land it sat on.

Not long after we moved there, I had my first "experience". I was a very precocious child, I guess you could say, and intellectually, I was way ahead of my peers in kindergarten. I also think that my sister and I are both highly intuitive and "pick up" on a lot of things that can't be explained away. On this particular day, I was outside playing, like I always did, and for some reason decided I would yell out, "God!" and see if He answered me. I heard a big voice that sounded a lot like thunder and running water mixed together that said, "Brandy" back to me. I ran inside the house. Now my parents did not ever bring us to church, and my dad will tell you he is agnostic. But I knew people went to church and I had gotten the knowledge that God does exist somehow.

Later on, during my teenage years, we started to have some really crazy things happen. I was either 15 or 16 when this started to occur. Our house, being old and on a pier-and-beam foundation, had a bit of a slope to it. The kitchen was toward the front of the house, and two doorways led off of it. One was to the dining room and the other was to my room. The dining room was on the downhill side of kitchen. I woke up one morning for school, had started to step into the room (my foot had not touched the floor yet), when two Home Interior candle sconces fell off the wall and shattered everywhere. Now, the wall they were on was opposite of me, so they were also on the downhill side - and that was the wall with the light switch on it. That was the first of many weird things that occurred in the house.

We heard dishes moving in the cabinets in the kitchen while we were all in the dining room eating supper. My dad had things fall off the top of the china cabinet at him. My mom was in her sewing room one day at the far end of the house and heard what sounded like a bowling ball hit the floor in my room, roll all the way down the hallway to where she was, and never could find anything. I fell asleep in living room one night in the recliner, when a bad storm came through and woke me up. I was completely afraid to move to go get in my bed because the front doorknob was being rattled and someone or something was trying to turn it. My sister walked through my bedroom and a book flew of my chest of drawers at her. Twice in that house, I heard my name whispered when I was at home alone.

The last thing that ever happened was when I actually got to see our "ghost". I was in my sister's room playing on my old Atari, at home alone. Everyone else was across the street at my aunt's house. I felt like someone was in the room with me. I turned in that direction, and while she wasn't physically there, it was a mental picture that came up of a young girl, about 10 years in age, wearing a white nightgown-like dress. She had blonde hair in two braids on either side of her head. She and I looked at each other for a few minutes, and then she was gone.

Nothing else ever happened after that. I think maybe our ghost just wanted to be seen or acknowledged somehow. I had always meant to do some research to the history of that particular place, but never got around to it. I had the feeling then and still do to this day (I'm now 34) that the little girl had passed away there, or may have gotten sick there and died somewhere else.

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