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Paranormal Story Archives
October 2002
Page 12

The Floating Mirror
by PookettBear

When I was about 14 or 15 years of age, I was in my bedroom sleeping very soundly. Out of the blue I had a strong urge to wake up. As I cracked open my eyes, I heard this noise coming from my dresser, which was very old. It had a mirror, a heavy one that took two people to lift on to the dresser. As I looked over to the mirror, the mirror began to levitate straight up a good 12 inches off the top of the dresser! It sort of hung in one spot for a good 15 seconds, then it slowly began to move forward to the middle of the floor, still in an perfectly upright position. It floated to the center of the room and hung for a good 10 more seconds in the smack center. All the while this is happening, I could not speak or yell for my mom in the next room. The mirror dropped like some two invisible people were carrying it and just dropped it! It shattered on the floor into a lot of pieces. I then was able to scream at the top of my lungs. My mom heard the crash and came running in to see what happened and she had asked me how it fell way over in the middle of the floor? I told her what I saw and she got the bible and began reading verses out of it. I was shaken up the entire week! I know what I saw. It was real and I am NOT crazy. 

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