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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 9

Witch Haunting or Electronic Malfunction?
by Joseph G.

This summer, some friends and I, who believe in the paranormal, went deep into a wooded area about 20 miles out of town where a witch supposedly lived years ago. So we explored the area and the ruined house (with permission), which we had recorded on a digital camcorder. While exiting her house, I thought I saw someone or something looking back through the window so I quickly panned the camera in that direction. To my astonishment the camcorder, with a fully charged battery, turned off for about 15 seconds. At first I thought I might have accidentally stopped recording, but since I had my flashlight in my other hand there would have been no way I could have turned it off or on.

After we returned home, we watched the tape and found no evidence of paranormal activity, except for the camcorder shutting off and that the metal cross my friend was wearing was broken in half. We did nothing strenuous - running, crawling, anything like that. This friend is a devout Catholic and will not venture anywhere near the woods because of the broken cross. Yes, the broken cross was a little weird, but I cannot explain the camcorder, and what cannot be explained is what is truly paranormal.

I am inquiring on the effectiveness of digital camcorders in this situation, can you explain this? There were no power lines or any other electronic equipment present.

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