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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 16

Sex-Crazed Aliens
by John F.

I was traveling from Galveston, Texas on I-45 north about a mile or so south of the SH Hwy 6 cut-off with my wife and three children about five or six years ago, after an afternoon at the beach. It was late dusk on a summer evening. I don't remember the date. We were on the northern outskirts of Galveston.

I noticed a set of three stationary triangular white lights ahead. They were just right of our heading not far from the road we were traveling. As we approached, I was thinking that these lights were attached to a tall light pole. I pointed the lights out to my wife and kids. As we got closer it was apparent that these lights were to high to be attached to a pole and they were still stationary, but still low enough (maybe 500 feet high) to tell that it was no plane or helicopter.

When we were almost even with the lights we could tell that they were directly above a topless bar. I joked with my wife and kids about the UFO we were seeing was a bunch of sex-crazed aliens.

I was baffled at how these lights never moved. We passed them by, but my curiosity got the best of me and told my wife that I had to turn around and go back to make sure that what I had seen was real. On the way back we noticed that the lights had disappeared.

We finally made our way home to Houston, which is were we lived at the time, but the whole way home I racked my brain as to what I had just seen. I know this account is not very exciting or has no proof other than our own eyes, but it was the only time in my life that I have ever seen anything like that until seeing some other internets sites recently showing the triangular lights in pictures. I have never really spoken much of it because of being labeled as nut.

I do believe there is a possibility of other life in our universe, but I am a very skeptical person. My motto is don't believe anything you here and half of what you see. Well I've seen it and not sure I believe it, but I did and I can't explain it.

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