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Your True Tales
October 2003
Page 27

The Warning
by m.e.marti

Our friends purchased their dream home 15 years ago. They have three children who are married with families of their own, but when the house was purchased, all children were living at home. Everything seemed normal for six months or more then everything suddenly changed.

One night after every family member had retired for the night, one of the girls was awakened by something or someone outside her bedroom door. She said she listened for awhile and it sounded like someone walking up and down the hall past her door. The floors were carpeted, but she said it sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor. She cracked her bedroom door and didn't see anyone and finally got the nerve to go to her sister's room which was next to hers. She woke her sister and told her what she had heard. There was a night light burning in the hall. Both girls went out into the hall and didn't see anything. They finally decided to sleep in the same room. They settled in and was still awake when they heard the sound again and it seemed to be coming closer to the bedroom. They were very frightened and called for their parents.

The parents immediately went to see what was happening. Their daughters told them what they had heard and by this time their the son was wide awake and out of his room. The dad checked every room and closet in the house but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Finally, they all went back to bed, but didn't get much sleep. The next morning they received a telephone call about a death in the family.

Months went by and everything seemed to be fine. My friend's husband saw an image of a little girl go down the hall past the upstairs bathroom one morning. The same evening they heard the footsteps in the hall and it continued most of the night. Each time they would get out of bed and turn the light on it would stop but when the lights were out it would start again. They finally left the lights on. A day or so later, a family member was in an accident. It seems every time something bad is about to happen, they are warned. My friend was going through a very stressful time and was having trouble sleeping. She said after trying for what seemed like hours to fall asleep, she felt a presence in the bedroom. She didn't see anyone, but she knew someone or something was watching her. She started to get out of bed but as she pulled the covers back and raised up it was like someone sit down on the bed and she couldn't speak or move. It was getting hard to breathe. She could only roll her eyes from one side of the room to the other. Finally, she looked toward the door and noticed the door was slightly ajar and she knew she had closed the door before going to bed. She was finally able to wake her husband. He had been sleeping and didn't hear or see anything.

Shortly after that she was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. After the last experience they located the family who had previously lived in the house to see if there had been anyone hurt or killed in the house. They were told that the man who had the house built was very abusive and he had beaten his wife and little girl. After selling the house, the husband and wife divorced and the wife and child moved away. The man passed away a few years after selling the house. The previous owners said they heard footsteps in the house and also downstairs in the laundry room. They also said at one point the paint peeled from one wall in the laundry room for no apparent reason and had to be repainted twice. It is strange that everything seems fine until right before something tragic is about to happen to the family or someone close to them. I'd say it is a warning, wouldn't you?

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