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Your True Tales
October 2006
- Page 8

Love from the Spirit World
by Frederick

My first experience with the paranormal began a year before my mother passed away. I dreamt of her passing, but was reassured by her in my dream that she would only be resting not "dead". A year later, she passed away. I was upset, as to be expected, but then I noticed that I saw her once in her apartment that she shared with my sister. It was only for a few seconds, but she was sitting in a chair in the family room.

The second time I saw my mother, I had just gotten home. The lights were off, except for the school lights that were shining through my living room window. I saw her silhouette standing in front of me. I told myself I was imagining this and dismissed it and turned on the lights. The silhouette was gone. I noticed that I would dream of her often and many times heard her call my name, especially in times of sadness.

Well, I chuck all this up to being part of the grieving process. Seven months later, when I was getting a glass of water from my kitchen area, I noticed a woman, not my mother, looking out my window. She was in silhouette, and when she realized that I could see her, she stood erect and walked into the bedroom and disappeared. Since November of 2000, the year my mom passed away, I have seen the apparition or spirit of my mom, and the ghost of a little boy who runs through my living room occasionally. I've seen the ghost of my best friend, who died the following year in 2001. I have seen orbs and have heard crackling "popping sounds" come from my bedroom and living room areas of my apartment. I've had lights come on by themselves when I was scared while watching "horror" films on TV late at night.

To sum up everything, I'm saying that there's a lot of love among the spirit world for those of us still in the physical, and since the passing of my mother in 2000, I have had countless experiences with paranormal.

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