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Your True Tales
October 2006
- Page 16

The Toothbrush Ghost
by Karen Crow

I kid you not, I have a little problem with a certain entity that won't let me keep my toothbrush in the vanity drawer. I brush my teeth, put the toothbrush in the drawer, and when I come back, the thing is right back in the holder up on the countertop. I even show my husband that... "I am puuuttttting thissss tooootbrush in this drawwwer"... and when we get home, it's right back up there.

We don't have any roommates, and always lock the house before we leave, and we are not insane. At least not yet. So I'm giving up, and now I'm just going to let the toothbrush stay up there and get all germy. Just so's I can please a ghost. If it's THAT important, I'll just leave it there.

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