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Your True Tales
October 2007
- Page 18

Angel Warning?
by Tony Wilkinson

Summertime, 1963, Nottingham, United Kingdom. It was a hot summer, and it stayed light until after 10 p.m. I was ten years old at the time, and had just been sent to bed at approximately 9:30 p.m., so it was still light. Because it was hot, I only had a sheet over me, and as I settled down I felt the sheet suddenly being tugged from the bottom, at first I thought it was my brother who shared the room with me just messing around, so I lifted my head to tell him off when I saw the reason for the sheet tugging.

At the foot of my bed stood a girl aged around her late teens. She had shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, and eyes of a blue I have never seen to this day in a living person. She was about five feet seven inches in height, so seemed tall to me, and her heart-shaped face was beautiful. Her dress appeared to be white, full-length with a ruff collar, and looked like a lacey material over a cotton or silk undergarment. She seemed very solid. She was looking straight at me with a gentle smile on her lips, then she lifted her right hand toward me, palm upwards, and seemed to beckon me to go with her.

Strangely, I was not afraid. Instead I felt a warmth and a sense of peace and well being, but the only part of me I could move was my head, which i slowly shook side to side in the negative to her request to go with her. At this she appeared to be saddened and lowered her head at the same time turning to her left then she floated, not walked, across the room, and going straight through my brother's bed, then through a solid brick wall. As she vanished, I seemed to just flop back on the bed exhausted, and went into a deep, peaceful sleep.

A few days after this event, I went fishing with my elder brother and a friend. As we were going home, I went into a shop to buy some sweets, and as I came out the door, my brother's friend had a fishing rod over his shoulder, and I walked straight into it, blinding my right eye. This accident completely changed my life, and stopped me from joining the navy some years later because my eyesight was not up to their standards. So the job I had for the next 30 years was in the coal mines.

I often wonder if this girl appeared to me to give some kind of warning. Was she a guardian angel? I don't know, but if I had agreed to go with her, would I have died?

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