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Paranormal Story Archives
Bonus: Psychic Pet Stories, 1999

Animal Telepathy by Phil
My family already had a poodle that was a little ham and a big personality. Then my sister "rescued" a toy poodle from down the road whose owners had kept the poor little thing outside all winter under their trailer and she had ended up getting frostbite. The little cutie quickly became a permanent part of our household. No more sleeping outside for her - she now had the pick of five beds, six laps, two couches, and lots of affection. For some reason, even though my sister had rescued her, the poodle took an especially strong liking to my father and I. One night, I was lying on the floor watching television when, clear as a bell, I heard this little voice in my head say, "I was outside, Phil!" I quickly turned my head to see Tippy (the poodle) coming into the living room and heading towards me. At first I thought I was imagining things. Then my Mom came into the room and I asked if she had been outside. Mom replied that she had just had the two dogs out.

Danny is Still with Me by Catherine G.
I'd like recount my wonderful experience between me and my pony, Danny. It happened some years ago when he was recovering from a serious kick on his shoulder. It was nearing Christmas and I asked the owner of the livery stable to bring him in from the field and bed him down for the nights of Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Thinking that my important instructions had been clearly understood, I left the yard on the night of Christmas Eve feeling confident. However, on the evening of Boxing Day and for most that night, I was awoken by the strong feeling that Danny needed me. I never expected that he'd have been left out all night over Boxing Day, having full faith in the owner of the livery. But when I went to attend to him early on the morning after Boxing Day, he was out in the small field looking rather quiet and subdued and sleepy. I was met with a rather joking smile from the livery owner who was by no means at all apologetic. I tried to complain, but she simply said that my instructions must have been wrong. It took him about a week to come around to his usual self. On the morning before he had to be put to sleep, due to pain and illness, I spent some quiet, quality time with him. For the last time, I gave him a treat of a packet of polo mints and watched him indulging in his favorite pastime - eating grass. When it was time to take him from me, the mother of the owner of the livery took me to one side and we sat quietly together surrounded by her pet dogs. Suddenly, both dogs sat upright and pricked their ears. It was then that I saw Danny come cantering towards me. Just for a moment he was shining white, like a new pearl in the sun, and I sensed he was happy and freed from his earthly pain. The next morning, just as I was beginning to awaken, I was given a very strong smell of mint polo's. Danny and are still inseparable.

My Awareness by Cynthia A.
My awareness in animal communication started in 1991. I was going through a very difficult time. I was very depressed. My cat and I lived by ourselves and were inseparable. He was my best friend and my only family. One night I was really feeling bad. I used art to get through difficult nights. I would wake up scared. I would immediately take my canvas and paints out and paint what I was afraid of without contemplating it. I would paint my feelings. My cat would always lie on the corner of my drafting table and watch. While painting, in my head I heard some talking: "Promise you won't leave me and I will never leave you. I will always be here." I thought I really lost it. I lived in a small apartment. There was no on else there. I went back to painting and I heard him again. This time it was a gut feeling I immediately knew it was he. He reminded me of times I was feeling bad and he comforted me. They were pictures from his point of view - images. I got a beer and we hugged and cried together.

ESP Dog by Gregory L.
My dog Mr. MaGoo and I are very connected. He is around 10 years old now, and a cross between a toy poodle and a schnauzer. One thing he does nearly 100 percent of the time is this: We will be out shopping and going from this store and that one, and somehow he knows when we are at the last one, because he will lie down on the back seat to go home. Do I think he has some kind of psychic abilities? Absolutely.

The Nurse Cats by Kerry
I suffer from serious migraines since my head-on collision with an 18-wheeler 10 years ago. I have eight cats, and two of them (Fluffy and Haley) will suddenly climb on my head. If I am standing, Haley will jump from the floor to my shoulders, Fluffy will walk across the couch and sit directly behind me and hang his head and paws over my head. Always, within 30 minutes I will come down with a migraine. Now when they do this, I take my migraine medicine right away. They have never failed to be wrong and I thank God each time for this because anyone who has migraines will tell you how horrible they truly are. How do they know? They just do. Haley will even wake me out of my sleep by "needling" my head, and I wake and take my medicine.

Andy's Spirit by Nina I.
My daughter, who is now 40 years old, had a male cat (Andy) for 19 years until his death. She has suffered rheumatoid arthritis since age 12, so spends many times in discomfort. For the past couple of years, she began telling me that a ghost visited her on her bed when she was feeling really bad. Because she lost her dad at age 13, we all assumed it might be him. One morning, she commented that her "friend" had joined her on her bed (which happens to be king size). She also informed for the first time that, "It's strange, he is always felt just to the right of my feet. Just in that little place. I can feel the mattress depress." I had an instant brain hit. I told her, "It's the cat! It's not a person, it's Andy, the cat." I also reminded her that Andy had always joined her in bed when she felt bad, even trying to stop her from smoking, after she was older. Placing his paw on her hand and staring at her. She and I feel Andy is still around offering comfort to her. His presence always is a comfort to her and she is able to sleep better.

Beaureguard, The Seizure Cat by Elaine R.
In 1990 I was involved in an automobile accident with a drunk driver and sustained a closed head injury. Such injuries can be difficult to diagnose because the person looks normal. Two months before the accident, I was acquired by Beaureguard. If you know anything about cats, they own you and not the other way around! Soon after I was injured for the first time, we noticed that Beau would become extremely agitated, literally walk right up the front of me and headbutt my chin until I would lie down. He's not much of a "talker," but during these events he would meow fit to bend metal until I complied with his wishes! Each time it happened I had a seizure soon after lying down. He is never more than a few feet from me and has become quite bossy about the whole matter. My family, friends, and physicians laugh that they don't need to ask how I am feeling - they just have to look at my cat!

Somehow, Butch Knows by Jules W.
Episode one happened in approximately May of 1996 a month after my Grandmother died. I had been feeling quite low for about a week and had just finished "talking to God," asking him to say hello to my gram (I was 16 at the time). Afterwards, I laid down and fell asleep. Sometime during the night, I awoke to hear Butch whining. I ignored him, thinking that he only wanted out of my room and, frankly, I was too comfortable to get up. When the sound of his tail hitting the floor as he was wagging it mixed with his whines, I had to get up and see what his problem was. I sat up, cleared my eyes, and to my utter amazement my Grandma was standing there at my door and my dog was looking up at her, whining and wagging his tail. I sat and stared as Grammy stared back, lifted her hand as if waving... and vanished through my closed door. At that moment, Butch got up and jumped in bed with me and that's where he stayed all night. My other experience was about 10 years or so ago. I had the "itch" to jump in the car and take a drive. So I grabbed my driving partner (Butch) and took off. I decided to take a drive up past the cemetery. Until we got to the edge of the cemetery, Butch was curled up in the backseat of the car. Once we hit the property line, Butch started crying. He then jumped up from his spot, ran back and forth from one back door to the other and whined quite loudly. This went on until we left the cemetery, when he settled down and curled back up into his ball. Just to see if he'd do it again (I know, I'm cruel), I drove back... and the same thing happened. I have heard that dogs are quite sensitive to spirits and these two experiences proved it to me.

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