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Paranormal Story Archives
September 2001
– Page 49

When I Met an Alien Girl
by Jedi Knight

Late 1997, I seemed to have had a dream that I was near a store near my house. I had met a girl, whom I can clearly remember her face. She had blondish hair down to her shoulders and light blue eyes. I barely remember what I did in that dream, because that info was not really important for me to remember. But I do remember talking to her. She told me how she had to come to Earth with her father on some certain mission, or something like that. She seemed like any normal human girl, and I know that she was not lying. My ESP told me so. I didn't remember a lot about that dream, but I do remember hanging out with her and talking to her. Then she said she had to go back home, but she said that she might come back soon.

I woke up. I've waited for that next dream in which I was to speak to her again. It had seemed so real, but yet I knew that I'd see her in a dream again. Then early in 1998, I had the dream. She did seem to age a few years in that time. And this time I specifically remember meeting her on the Garden State Parkway. I did follow her on her mission this time, and this time it was in a house. A lot happened in that dream. It was one of those long dreams that could have lasted hours, or maybe even my entire time sleeping! So as I felt my dream go closer to the end. I was with her in her UFO ship. Her father was in a hidden compartment that was for riding the ship. And I remember she seemed upset. She told me that she'd never get a chance to see me again. I remember feeling upset, too! And I remember getting ready to climb out, and I clearly remember seeing how it was beginning to get light outside. I could have guessed it was about 4:00 a.m. I remember feeling the feeling of the ship rising. She told me that I could come with her to her home planet, or I could stay hear on Earth. For some weird reason, I decided to stay. When I was beginning to climb out (since on the bottom middle part there was a round opening), I remember I was able to reach the ground, but the ship was raising straight, and it was getting higher. Soon it was about only 5 or 6 feet high, when I decided to remain here on Earth, and that's the last thing I remember until I was lying in my bed, feeling confused.

It was about the same time in the dream. It was about 4:00 a.m., and I feel like I haven't slept all night! Also, I remember once reading on the Internet how a guy had a dream that he had been abducted by UFOs, and when he told a friend, his friend told him that those dreams may have really happened. For some weird reason, some people who are abducted by UFOs have something done to them that makes them think it was a dream. And a friend of mine even said how aliens really do make people think that there confrontation was a dream. He knows about things like that. I know that my meeting with that girl was real. You don't have to believe me, but the dream did happen, and by studying about it, I can conclude that it really did happen.

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