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Paranormal Story Archives
September 2001
– Page 51

Granny's Deathbed Visions
by Toula K.

My grandmother was not very old when she died. She was in her very early seventies, and she had come down with some sort of blood disease which we did not know of, and was told it was quiet rare. She was hospitalized for perhaps a month while they did all kinds of tests on her. We basically knew she would die, but did not want to believe it. I was married and did not live at home, so I would visit her every weekend for the six months that she was ill. My mother sat with her every day. The rest of the family would take off alternate weeks to mind her. She was usually bed ridden, but on occasion when the weather was fine we would take her out into the backyard and sit her in the sun.

Prior to her dying, at the time my mother would sit with her, she would talk to dead people that had once been in her life. She would ask my mother if she remembered her Untie, or her sister-in law, even some neighbors of theirs in the old country (Cyprus). My mother would say, "Yes, I remember them well." My grandmother would smile and she would say, "I see them."

One Saturday when I went to visit, Granny was sitting in her favorite chair in the sun, and I asked mum, who was just inside the door, how Granny was doing. Mum was sad and she told me that Granny was going to die very soon. I asked her how she knew this. Mum replied, because she talking to her mother and father (who were dead) and some other relatives that Granny and mum knew. The following week was Christmas and the family all gathered together to have Christmas lunch, we also had first cousins come to spend the holidays with us. She lived through the next week also, and once again we all gathered at mums to spend New Years Eve with all the family and visiting cousins, We all waited for the new year to come and granny sat on her favorite chair eating very little. Once the year came we all hugged and kissed and wished one another a Happy New Year. When I hugged and kissed Granny, she said, "Look after the baby." She was one and a half. I knew she was going to die I could feel it.

The next day at 8 a.m. we got a phone call from mum to hurry to Granny's bedside in the hospital because mum said she dying and to get there soon. I left and got there in record time. I didn't wait for my husband; he would come later. I saw my granny, and she seemed to be okay, and I thought that it was strange, (by the way Granny was very religious) she asked for my husband and why he didn't come. I told her he was on his way and would come to see her soon. She said tell him to come very quickly, The baby and I kissed her and told her my husband will be there soon; he was the only one she had not bid farewell to. When my husband arrived at her bedside, she hugged and kissed him and told him to take care of us and that she was afraid she wouldn't get to say goodbye to him. My husband said, "Where are you going?" In a satisfied way she said, "Home." And with that she sat up in bed unaided and lifted her arms and eyes to the ceiling and said, "I'm ready." She then gently lay down again, and turned to look at him. He said she had a peaceful look in her eyes and she was flushed. She slowly closed her eyes and quietly slipped away. To this day my husband swears that the "saints" to whom she prayed to, came to take her to heaven.

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