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Your True Tales
September 2003
Page 30

Shoved By an Invisible Being
by Lisette G.

I don't know if it was an "angel," but an invisible helper may have saved my life! Once when I was in a nightclub holding a freshly poured glass of wine (I was completely alert and hadn't had a drop to drink!), I went downstairs to the next floor (where the dance floor was located). On the stairwell landing where there was absolutely NO ONE else but me, I distinctly and suddenly felt someone "shove" me from the side, completely knocking the glass of wine completely out of my hand! I looked around, but saw no one there! Oddly, I was not frightened.

Weeks later, a friend told me that the bartender confessed to having slipped a poison into my wine. (It's a long story, but unknown to me at the time, this guy at the bar wanted me dead! But later, he spilled the story of trying to poison me to a mutual friend who then told me.) Thanks to the invisible "being" on the stairwell the glass got knocked completely out of my hand, so that the wine spilled on the floor before I drank any of it! I am also so grateful that I had not even sipped from the glass before it happened. Later that night, when I saw the person who supposedly tried to drug me; he acted with utter amazement to see me. I did not know why at the time.

I'm so grateful to the "invisible helper" on the stairwell!

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