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Your True Tales
September 2005
Page 19

Life-Saving Vision in Fog
by Tammy

My girls and I had just been visiting my parents. We had been watching old super-8 home movies. Before we knew it, it was midnight. My parents asked me to stay the night since it was so late and very foggy out, but I just wanted to get home. It would take about 30 minutes to get to our house. My two girls, ages one and four were soon sound asleep in their car seats behind me. I had my music turned on pretty loud.

The road that I had to take to my house in the next city had a very steep hill in the middle of it. It was a four-lane road, two lanes going up the hill, and two coming down. When I first turned onto the road, I stayed in the fast lane. I was in a hurry to get home, and there weren't any other cars on the road. Later, I started thinking about the hill that was coming up, and about which lane would be the safest to drive in. It was very foggy and there were no streetlights on this road. I could only see one car length ahead of my car. I decided that a car going down the hill might drift into my lane (because of the thick fog) and I didn't want to get hit head-on.

I decided to switch back into the slow lane. Still nearing the hill, I heard a voice (not out-loud, but in my mind) say, “Get back in the fast lane.” I then saw a movie (in my mind) of me driving in the slow lane and suddenly about to crash into the back of a big truck that had stalled halfway up the hill. I couldn't’t see it until the last minute because of the fog. Then I heard it again. ”Get in the fast lane”. I moved into the fast lane just before I started up the hill. When I was just about to reach the top, there, suddenly, in just an instant, I saw the outlines of three people trying to push a stalled car to the side of the road. They all ran from the car to the side of the road as I approached. The back bumper of the car was still two feet into my lane. I had to suddenly swerve to miss it. The car was sideways, blocking all of the slow lane and partly into my lane. It must have stalled in the fast lane and they were trying to push it across the slow lane, to the side of the road when I approached.

As I went down the hill, I was in total shock about what had just happened. I barely missed that bumper. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would pop right out of my chest. When I got home, I called the police to report the stalled car and to maybe prevent an accident and get the people some help. I thought about what could have happened if I had not listened to the voice. I then realized, that from the time I heard the voice, until I passed the stalled car, I didn't hear the music playing in my car at all.

What had just happened? Was it intuition? Am I psychic? Can I see the future? Was it my husband, my daughter’s dad, (who had passed away) warning us? Was it my guardian angel? I don’t know the answers. I don’t know if it was a guardian angle, but I’m thankful to have gotten the warning, and I’m glad I followed the advice.

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