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Your True Tales
September 2005
Page 40

Breathing Floor
by Danna Hobart

The first time I ever experienced something paranormal was in 1986 when I was 20 years old. I was sitting living at home with my mother in a small house that had once been a school house in the hamlet of Guyanoga, NY. A rerun of The Waltons was on television. My mother was standing next to the chair I was in talking to me when suddenly her eyes grew huge, and she ran into the kitchen screaming, "Get out of there, get out of there."

The first thought in my head was that there was some sort of electrical current running through the floor that had shocked her, in which case, my feet were not touching the ground, and I was not going to put them on it until I knew it was safe. The second thought I had was that there was some sort of ooze coming up through the floor, and again, I was not putting my feet on the floor unless I knew I was not going to step in something nasty. Mom was still screaming "Get out of there," so I had to raise my voice for her to hear me ask why, and finally she said, "The floor is moving."

Well, that got me out of the chair. I walked across the floor she said was moving to the doorway between the living and dining rooms. Sure enough, the floor did appear to be rising.

While my mother, in a state of panic started evacuating our pets, I was fascinated, and started checking out the phenomenon from different angles. No matter where I stood to watch, the floor still appeared to rise, as if it were breathing, but, oddly enough, we never saw it exhale, it would rise, as if it were inhaling, and then it would rise again, but it was not like a balloon expanding, it was like a reel of video on a continuous loop. It would inhale, and then it would suddenly be back at the beginning and it would inhale again. I crawled over furniture (not wanting to touch the floor) to check it out from angles places, and it still moved.

The floor breathed rapidly for several minutes, and then it began to slow down, until it became one inhale every minute, then once every five minutes, and finally, when it was about once every 15 minutes, my mother got courage enough to walk through the room to the phone, and called our minister, who was not home, but she told his wife what was going on, and his wife advised my mother to pray. Eventually, it ceased all together, and I lived in that house for two more years, but there was no more unexplained activity in it.

While the floor was moving, there was no sound of any creaking boards or groaning floor joints, and I did not feel the movement when I was sitting in the chair, it was just the visual effect. My mother now has convinced herself it was an optical illusion, but I examined it from many angles and if it had been an optical illusion, it would not have been visible from all of them.

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