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Your True Tales
September 2005
Story of the Month

OBE or Nightmare?
by Sharon

I don't really know what to call the experience I had, out of body or nightmare, but I hope you can tell me.

Three years ago, I had a nightmare that I will never forget. The reason being, I still have the rope marks around my ankles from being hung upside down in my dream!

I dreamed that I was out in the country in a small house that sat at the end of a long country lane, off of a long winding road. The house was in the middle of large clearing surrounded on the back and sides with a dense forest, and the lane led out to the dirt road. I was there with several other couples that I did not know, waiting for my husband to arrive. I don't know why we were supposed to be there, but after a while I began to feel uneasy around these people. I felt them glancing at me from time to time and whispering to each other. I wanted to get out of there, but a feeling of foreboding came over me and I knew I shouldn't let them see my fear.

I told one of the ladies that I was going to walk out to the end of the lane and see if I might spot my husband; since we had never been there, he might have missed the drive. She said, great and to hurry back. I wanted to run and not look back, but I took my time getting away from the house. About half way down the lane, I looked back and the people were all on the porch looking at me. That is when I ran into the woods trying to escape. I knew that my life was in danger. I could hear them behind me and getting closer. They never yelled, but I could hear them as if they were inside my head talking. After running through heavy brush and trees for what seemed like an eternity, I grew short of breath, from the running and fear, and I fell to the ground unconscious.

When I awoke, I was in a large barn, suspended from the beams overhead, upside down. The ropes around my ankles felt like they were on fire. There was no one there in the barn with me, but I knew they were close around me. Moments later, I heard a commotion outside the barn, yelling and fighting, then the door of the barn swung open, but I couldn't see who came in. There were lights blinding me. The next thing I was aware of were the ropes being pulled on and then I fell to the floor. The sound of the voices were still outside, but I couldn't see anyone. I made it to my feet and started to run back into the forest, and again I heard the voices behind me. At a distance, I heard what I thought was a car going down a road, and I thought, "Oh, God, let me make it to that road!"

Finally, I was clear of the forest and was running onto the road. It was freshly paved with hot tar and the heat was burning the soles off of my shoes. I saw lights coming up behind me and when I tried to turn while I was still running, I fell. I felt myself falling and I could not stop, then I was in pain all over. I guess I was knocked unconscious again, and when I saw myself, I was in a cold room on a long metal table with a man that had his back to me. He was collecting odd-looking tools and muttering to himself. He turned to the side and in his hands I saw him holding a tool that was shaped like a long flashlight, but on the end was a round saw blade, like the ones on a skill saw!

I wanted to scream out, but I could not move or say anything. I was screaming anyway, even though nothing was coming out. Then I saw her. She was wearing a long white robe and there was a soft glow around her. The man was coming toward me and I was screaming in my head, "Don't kill me. Don't kill me." The lady reached out her hand as if to touch me... and the dream was over because my husband woke me up, THANK GOD!

He said I was moaning and thrashing in the bed, so he thought he should wake me up. I was still crying and shaking and I began to tell him what had happened. My body was cold and aching, but my feet and ankles felt like they were on fire. I asked him to rub them for me and I will never forget the look on his face when he uncovered my feet. You could see the large dent around my ankles where the rope had dug into them, and on the soles of my feet there was tar, lots of it. It looked as if I had just come in from walking on a freshly paved road. Needless to say, we got no more sleep that night, and for me many more nights.

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