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Your True Tales
September 2006
- Page 11

Time Distortion
by Mike

I had a weird experience concerning time displacement. In 2001 I was a senior in college. Late one day I was returning to the college dorms using the local subway. I remember being in a hurry to get back because I was late for a dinner date. As I waited, I looked anxiously down the tracks anticipating the train's arrival. Suddenly, I spotted the train's lights approaching. I heard the loud rumble it made and eventually I saw it round the corner.

The next thing I recall was a waking up type of feeling. There was no train approaching, although I felt a slight breeze pass as if the train had just passed. For some reason my instant reaction was to assume I somehow was daydreaming and either didn't really see a train, or it had passed without stopping and I somehow failed to notice. As odd as these excuses seem now, at the time I was more than willing to use these rationalizations as reasons for what had just happened.

A moment later, another train arrived and I stepped on board. I would have totally forgotten about the event and gone about my business if it were not for some ladies talking. One of the ladies was saying enthusiastically to the other, "I swear it disappeared." This perked my ears and I wandered over. As the arguing between the two continued, I chimed in: "Excuse me," I said, "this may sound silly but did you just see the train disappear?" "YES!" she exclaimed, "I told you so," she told her companion.

The remainder of the ride back consisted of me and her talking about the events as we witnessed them. More people also came forwarded admitting they had witnessed the same thing. What's odd is that as we talked quite loud about the strange events, other people on the train weren't even noticing what we were discussing; it was as if they were extras in a movie. I'll never forget this event as long as I live.

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