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Your True Tales
September 2008
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Floating Things
by Bonnie N.

This took place in December of 2006 in San Gabriel, California. My husband and I had gone to bed, around 11:00 p.m. There was always some light coming through our window from the house across the driveway from us. It had a very bright light that stayed on all night, every night. Anyway, it just a normal night, nothing unusual going on.

A lot of times when falling asleep, my husband will start to mumble about different things, usually about work, usually not making any sense. He started talking about things that were flying through the room. He said they looked like sting rays, kind of floating or "swimming" through our room. I remember my eyes were open and I was kind of staring at the bedroom door through the darkness, thinking, "Here we go again."

Then all of a sudden I saw this fluorescent green, triangle-shaped object dart across the room from right to left, right in front of me. My husband said, "Look, the room is filled with them." I looked up toward the ceiling and could see all these green fluorescent shapes moving and flying around. Some looked like sting rays, some looked like helicopter blades twirling around but moving around the room at the same time. Some were just different shaped objects, but all were moving and flying around the room. We also saw tiny red dots floating downward, like embers from a fire or something. We watched it all for about an hour and talked about how strange it was.

After that night when we went to bed, we would look for the "spirits". Sometimes they would come, but not always. They were never like they were that first time though. We were not on any drugs or medication. Has any one else ever seen any thing like this?

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