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Who Ya Gonna Call? Where to Go for Paranormal Help
Need help getting rid of a ghost? Need information for a research paper? Want to become a ghost hunter? Assistance is just a click away on the Web.

Lots of e-mail comes my way from people looking for help of one kind or another. Sometimes they or someone they know are having experiences that, in the best cases, they can't explain, and in the worst cases, that are tormenting them. Often some people just need more information about a particular paranormal subject from a credible source. And others want to know how they can begin a formal education in parapsychology.

This being the first column of a new year, I thought it appropriate to provide some good sources of help, detailed information, and education.

"There are spirits in my house... I need help... How do I get rid of them?"
As you can imagine, answering such questions is not easy. It first must be determined whether or not the experiences being related are actually taking place. Then ordinary explanations for what seem like paranormal phenomena must be explored and either verified or ruled out. In short, such earnest requests require an investigation. There are a number of associations and professional investigators that will take on such cases. There is no guarantee that they will take on your particular case, should you have one, but if it is deemed serious enough, you have a good chance.

  • The Paranormal Network. Loyd Auerbach, a parapsychologist and long-time contributor to Fate magazine, began The Paranormal Network in 1989. Auerbach and his colleagues also conduct investigations, but his extensive writing background makes him one of the most respected and level-headed experts around. Several of his articles can be read at his website.
  • New England Society for Psychic Research. This society was founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren, arguably the most well-known "ghost hunters" or "demonologists" in the U.S. According to their website, they have investigated more than 5,000 cases, including some high-profile poltergeist cases.
  • Northeast Board of Psychic Investigation. This organization is "committed to providing assistance to individuals that are experiencing problems caused by preternatural or supernatural activity." They will investigate, evaluate, and offer recommendations to the people who are being affected by any weird goings-on. Cases they've investigated include hauntings, poltergeists, and Ouija board weirdness.

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Have You Had a Paranormal Experience?
Send me your true tales of strange, unexplained, and paranormal experiences. E-mail them to me for inclusion in a future article or story archives. Or post your stories and comments about this article on the Paranormal Bulletin Board.

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